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Hey guys!

As the tittle says this thread will be a collection of the threads I made (and will make in future) about useful info for the game.

I will close the thread, but if you guys are curious about something that I didn't cover yet feel free to suggest it to me in private messages.

Konoha Great Tree 5540 Draws Shisui Drop Rate

All 19 Secret Scrolls Stats December 2022

Secret Scroll Level 1>19 Max Level Material Cost

Level 15-19 Secret Scroll Max Level Upgrade

Offline Mode Anbu Guide

Save Protection Vials with L Breakthroughs

Five Natures Chakra 1500 draws

Experience Treasure New Server Event

New Secret Scroll stabbing

Lucky Stars Madara drop rate?

Tailed Beasts Attack event spending value

Bond packs drop rates

Scroll of False and Truth opening

Opening 2000 3v3 Arena packs

New Collection System overview

Power Features Max Levels Info

List of Ninjas Who Decrease Cooldowns

Konoha Great Tree 1000 points value

Full Support Team

Discussing Ninja Assist Card Bonuses

List of Ninjas who increase enemies mystery cooldown

Level 10 to 13 refines

Secret Scroll system stats + cost

Secret Scroll system

Max awakening materials needed

Refines 10>13 pricing

Skill Trial Guide

Survival Trial updated rewards

Cave Keys exp/cost

Cave Keys stats

3 to 4 stars ninja upgrade stats

List of Super Armor Ninjas

Time Limited Charm Rebate

List of passively immune ninjas

Rogue Ninja Outburst

PK Mode info

Ninja Handbook

Ninja Assist stats

Ninja Assist feature prices

List of ninjas that provide additional standard attack buff

Battle Armor prices

Mood system guide

8 gates price/exp/points

180% resistance buff stacking

Tonton vs Gamariki 1 target damage

Konohamaru [Shippuden] Passive scaling test

Chiriku resistance buff stacking

Is def/res reduction a debuff?

Debuff Removal Priority

Myoboku Cultivation Maps Stats Gain

Ninja Collection fragments pricing

Five Natures Chakra feature

Fragment Refine elite instances ninja points

Summon Runes Info (Level Exp)

Summon Runes Info (Stats)

Zenith Arena

Summon Cultivation Stats/Cost (Blue Summons)

Summon Cultivation Stats/Cost (Purple Summons)

Summon Cultivation Stats/Cost (Gold Summons)

Group Technology

Ninja Tools Reforging Guide

Material needed for Naraka+1 Equipment upgrades

Sun/Moon Scrolls places to get them

Group Ninja Exam rewards and requirements

%res/nin buff does not affect shields/heals

Ranked Battle feature tips

Assist links Mysteries

Assist links Card material cost

Assist links new feature

Non-Elemental Damage ninja list

Elemental Damage ninja list

List of Cross-Team buffs

Reputation Hall (Achievement system) max achievements list

Myoboku Maps cost/bonus info + price calculation

Wind Main Queen Momentum passive + clones

Cave Rune + Charm calculation stats gains

List of Shield Provider Buffs (at start of battle)

Damage Reduction testing

Tai/Nin Pen testing

Edo Hiruzen passive info

Konoha Great Tree exp info

Ninja Dog Shiba attributes / buffing

Home Bond Ninjas

Self-Healing Ninjas (% heal)

Healing Tips buff info

Buff Stacking detailed info

Buffs Info Thread

Chases Guide

Summon Mystery Discussion

Summon Mystery Guide

Non-Prompt mystery explanation

"Stacking explanation thread"

Anbu Kakashi's "Hidden" Buff info thread

Rainbow Magatama info thread (stats,exp etc)

Refine thread (stats,growths)

Treasured Tools (all info)

Mine feature info

Extra standard attack buff stacking guide

Barriers thread

Cave Keys/ Rune Stones info thread

Magatamas info thread

Item colors (fun fact info)

Secondary Stats discussion

Purify Guide

Tactics info thread (stats, growth, suggestion)

Charms info thread (stats, growth, suggestion)

8 Gates Guide

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