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[ Player Guide ] New Ninja Collection System overview


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Hey guys!

Let's talk a bit about the new Collection System

So first of all you might've noticed a power boost right after logging in, this is because this system gives much more stats than the previous collection system

And as you can see on the 2nd picture how i gained even more power after recruiting some ninjas


Stats gains:


Here are screenshots of some random examples, the rarer a ninja is the better stats/power it gives

So initiative is fixed and you get it right after recruiting or upgrading ninja stars

And stats like atk/def/nin/res also vary from ninja to ninja and is upgraded with stars (as you can see on the screenshots it's represented in % which is calculated by basic stats of that ninja, so for example if a ninja gives 3% ninjutsu and his basic ninjutsu gets to 3000 that means you will get a 90 ninjutsu bonu for all your ninjas)

And you improve ninjas basic stats by leveling them up, cultivating them, awakening them so it's finally time to do that for all your ninjas

I personally leveled/cultivated/awakened around 50-60 ninjas from level 1 to max and got 50000 more power after doing that which is in total a 160k+ power gain in 1 day from just this feature alone

Here are full stats gained before and after leveling/cultivating/awakening ninjas



New Shop:

Lastly the ninja exchange shop is moved to the Recruit tab

It has a search feature now, you can't see your ninja frags but you can check "Show only upgradeable ninjas" and it will show you only ninjas you still don't have 5 stars









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Hi, we have been open for 2 and half months. We recently unlock season event but we have not unlocked space-time and we cannot participant in cross-server events. Can you please help us?

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