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[ Player Guide ] All Secret Scroll Bonuses List


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Hey guys!

This is a compilation of all Secret Scrolls, hopefully useful for newer players who want to see which scroll should they unlock first.

I don't know how often will I remember to update this one, if there's a new scroll missing, try searching the name here on forums because I usually do level 1>15 stats thread

Currently December 2022 there are 19 Secret Scrolls in total

Screenshot_53Screenshot_54Screenshot_84 (2)Screenshot_86 (2)

Note: I don't know if it's my laptop resolution or a visual bug, but I can't see the combo rate stats so I can't give you that info. It's one of the less important stats anyway

Inner Focus: Intiative +708, Life Recovery +137

Stats = medium atk/nin/res/def/health, high critical/injury/control, 0 combo rate


Fighter: Intiative +708, Tai *ion +264

Stats = high health, medium atk/nin/def/res, medium critical/injury/control


Ninjutsu Master: Intiative +708, NIN *ion +287

Stats = high def/res, medium health/atk/nin, high injury, medium crit/control


Fenacity: Intiative +708, Critical Hit +806

Stats = high health, high atk/nin/def, 0 resistance, high critical, medium injury/control

Very good one and highly recommended


Inner Strength: Intiative +708, Life +946

Stats: 0 health, very high attack, high nin/def, low res, medium crit/injury/control

If you are using attack based ninjas might be a good choice


Arcane Mastery: Intiative +814, NIN *ion +330

Stats: high health, high atk/nin/res, 0 defense, medium critical/injury/control

This one is high power gain


Burst: Intiative +814, Injury +837

Stats: high health, medium atk/def, low nin/res, very high critical/injury, 0 control

Amazing one for secondary stats crit/injury


Stoneskin: Intiative +814, Defense +347

Stats: 0 health, very high attack, high def/nin, low res, medium crit/injury/control

Good for attack


Stabbing: Intiative +814, Combo Rate +864

Stats: high health, low atk/def/nin/res, medium crit/control, high injury

Not really a priority honestly, not the best one


Ninjutsu Burst: Intiative +814, Ninjutsu +400

Stats: medium health, very high attack, high nin/res, 0 defense, medium crit/injury/control

Decent one, high power gain from the high attack and ninjutsu stats


Ninjutsu Shield: Intiative +814, Resistance +347

Stats: 0 health, very high attack, high nin/res, low def, high injury, medium control, 0 crit

Decent but there are better ones, high resistance gain overall which is good for shield ninjas


Confusion Jutsu: Intiative +814, Control +790

Stats: medium health, high atk/def/res, 0 ninjutsu, medium crit, high injury, 0 control

I wouldn't recommend prioritizing this one


Recovery Technique: Intiative +814, Life Recovery +157

Stats: medium health, high attack/def/nin, 0 res, high critical, medium injury/control

Life recovery is a bad stats and not really important, it does offer good atk/critical gains though


Fatal Strike: Intiative +814, Attack +400

Stats: High health/atk/nin/res, 0 defense, medium crit/injury/contrl

It's alright, if you want that primary stats gain


Lethal Strike: Intiative +814, Critical Hit +886

Stats: medium health, high atk/def/res, 0 ninjutsu, medium crit, high injury, 0 control

Ok, not the best but it offers high secondary stats crit and injury


Impale Capability: Intiative +814, Nin *ion +330

Stats: medium healh, high atk/def/nin, 0 resistance, high crit, medium injury/control


Physical Charge: Intiative +814, Tai *ion +330

Stats: medium health, high atk/res, medium def/nin, medium crit/injury/control

This one is balanced generally, gives all stats but not high amounts


Defense Enhancement:Intiative +814, Defense +347

Stats: high health, high atk/def, medium nin/res, high crit, medium injury, 0 control

If you need defense this is the one for you


Resistance Enhancement: Intiative +814, Resistance +347

Stats: 0 health, very high attack, high nin/res, medium def, medium crit/injury/control


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