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[ Player Guide ] Nature Training Earth element


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Hey guys!

A quick thread introducing probably the best team for Earth element section of Nature Training event

If your power is high enough you can clear lvl 50 in just 2-3 rounds without any damage taken



Round 1: Use Earth main mystery, then interrupt Yamato with Kakuzu mystery, then use Gaara mystery

Round 2: Interrupt Edo Hashirama with Kakuzu, use Deidara mystery

Watch everyone die from Deidara's standard attacks

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Guess I wasn't the one only using this Deidara. His ignite and standard reset made it so easy.

Sometimes you got to pray to RNG that they won't combo on Deidara and drain chakra.

If you're lucky enough to use Deidara round 1 and 2 right away.

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do you have any other teams that work well? i dont have that deidara and sb kakuzu

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Here is what worked for me, nothing too impressive, but i cleared a decent number of levels despite considerably lower power than the others.


My bee has breaks but my sasuke doesnt.

Wait for ino to use her heal in round 1 then, then use a control ninja of your choice on hashi, I personally went with ibiki for his damage buff to controlled units

Subsequent rounds spam bee on kakuzu, between ino and kakuzu passive he will remove the ignition and maybe poison on himself, but you will still have damaged the entire field and reset bee's mystery. Repeat until hopefully you win.

Not the best lineup and im sure there are pleny much more effective, but bees ignition on taking damage, ibiki stopping hashi from interrupting/draining chakra and sasuke causing chaos, this is just what personally worked for me so no harm in sharing I figure.

*Edo minato could potentially replace bee, doesn't have the heal but with ignition on being attacked and his dodge it could be worth a shot if you dont have bee

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