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Minato Namikaze-Jonin

Hello, I am a F2P player and I want to recruit minato namikaze [jonin]. How long will it take to save enough coupons and how many will I need? Also, in which event do you think I should try to get him in? Thank you!
2019-01-16 02:21:45 - AlphaM82 - General Discussion

Edo Minato Bond Mystery

Who do you need to have for Edo Minato's bond mystery?
2018-12-31 11:20:25 - Amphii - General Discussion

Minato [Edo Tensei] Lineups

Hey guys! So one of coolest looking ninjas is in the game, but the question is whether he is a good ninja? Mystery: So this is both one of his best and one of his worst traits, the mystery itself is great as it's un-dodgeable + interrupt for 10 units, so it's like you are using Hokage Minato+ Kakashi Susano BUT the cooldown is 3 rounds and he doesn't have any passive/standard attack that can reduce his cooldown Standard Attack: Pretty much same as Hokage Minato, decent Chase: Same as Jonin Minato, this is an amazing chase as it gives good scaling over time and also it's not hard to fit it into teams Passive 1: I believe this is the best passive of this kind in the game , 3 in 1 passive immunity + igntion + tag on hit, pretty crazy Passive 2: Dodge is always nice although honestly it could've been something more useful, because he already has that crazy passive 1 he doesn't need the dodge nearly as much as jonin and hokage minato need it Keep in mind that he is one of the most buff-able ninjas currently, he has kage + konoha + edo + jinchuriki + sage tags, so that's a big plus Overall, the biggest downsides of this ninja are his 3 rounds cooldown on mystery and most likely low damage capability when compared to other pos1 ninjas. You could use him as pos2 in some teams, but he doesn't have any kind of supporting passives therefore he is mostly a pos1 material ninja. Now is he better than other Minatos ? well that's debate-able and you can judge that for yourselves , he for sure is different About Main Characters in my opinion he works the best with Wind Main definitely (dance of impetus), 2nd best Water/Fire Main 1. Wind Main "the full buff Minato team" Self explanatory, this is a full buff team and has quite decent potential (well unless someone can nuke you thru blitz teams) But keep in mind that even with full buff Edo Minato mystery damage is not so impressive when compared to Hokage or Jonin Minato 2. Wind Main 2 "the full Sage team" Edo Hashirama sage heals can be pretty high, overall the team is squishy if you run into blitzy enemies such as Edo Hiruzen but in places where you would have fights over 2 rounds such as Space Time this time would last a long time The team has great immobile/interrupt + chakra drain capabilities for every single round 3. Wind Main 3 Ah what's better than the interrupt + chakra drain old combo with Shark Kisame, well of course you have to own the pos1 initiative for it to work in the way intended 4. Water Main "the jinchuriki Minato team" I thought this one is interesting to try out if you want to be a bit more on the "cancer" side 5. Water Main 2 This one is self explanatory :p Also a lot of interrupt + chakra drain and immobile combo, now this one is against buffs and shields, as 5 kage madara would wipe them anyway therefore it's best to use Water Main in that kind of situation 6. Earth Main "the full buff team" Same concept as the very 1st Wind Main team, it's a full buff team with 2x attacks in round 1 for both Minato and Edo Hiruzen, also great chances of doing Edo Hiruzen mystery in round 1 also The team will have a lot of damage however can get easily countered by 5 kage Madara for example That's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful !
2018-10-21 06:13:14 - ICExx - Strategy

Jonin Minato Bond Mystery & Standard Categorization

Not really sure where to put this but one thing that really irks me in this game is the improper categorization of certain skills, mysteries, standards, chases, etc. But the one that always comes up to my list is Jonin Minato. Now we all know Jonin Minato is a mostly Taijutsu oriented ninja, but this shouldn't 100% be the case with how he is represented with his animations. As the title says I truly feel like Jonin Minato's Bond Mystery and Standard Attack are improperly classes as just Taijutsu when in all reality its Tai + Nin. His normal mystery is just Taijutsu, that I can agree on. But his Bond Mystery incoroprates obito and kakashi using ninjutsu along with it, so it makes absolutely no sense as to why its just a Taijutsu skill. His standard attack should also be considered Tai + Nin for the simple fact that at the end of his 6 combo he uses a Rasengan, so... yeah. There are a lot ninja that have improper tags on their abilities as well. Prime Example: KCM & 6P Naruto mysteries being both Tai & Nin when it is just Ninjutsu. I'm thinking of compiling a list of ninja who have skills labled improperly, and I know that Oasis/Tencent will never revise them but I just felt like speaking up about it to see if others agree with me. Let me know what ya'll think on the matter, like I said I just used Jonin Minato and Naruto as a small example, thanks for your time.
2019-01-13 07:38:26 - Tsyukiomi - General Discussion

Minato Jonin?

What is the best way and best events for getting Minato Jonin? u could get him spending only 5000 coupons? and if u get him could he be the main ninja that carry u through all this naruto's and magara 5 kage , etc... , in poor words = Is he worth spending all u have? (Im not so patient, dont ask me to spare till 20k cuz I cant ) :S
2019-01-09 01:46:03 - Lorenzo7 - General Discussion

Minato [Jonin] Lineups

Hey guys! No idea why, but I never got around to make a thread regarding this ninja and recently I've been getting a request to make it He is a great ninja that's not too expensive and can work with f2p friendly ninjas such as iruka-gaara-kurenai which makes him a good option for newer players. He works the best with Fire, Wind and Water mains (he can work with Earth and Lightning also but in my opinion it's not as good) I think everyone is very familiar with him by now, and I'll put lineups which would prefer using his assist links skill of course since that makes him a much better ninja overall. Let's just jump into it 1. Water Main One of the deluxe teams, it works great if you are faster on pos1 because you will interrupt your enemy with Jonin Minato mystery which will be un-dodgeable + chakra drain thru chases making your enemy unable to use mysteries round 2 in most cases. 2. Water Main 2 A bit on the cancer-ish side, tons of heals and survivability with often mysteries 3. Fire Main I am pretty sure everyone knows this team A lot of ninjas can replace this Sakura on pos4, you could use Hanzo, Edo Hashirama, Kurenai etc etc 4. Fire main 2 A bit of round 2 mystery spam team, with capability of refreshing the mysteries because of Fire Main buff. Decent amount of damage and protection, although a bit squishy 5. Fire Main 3 Again chakra drain + interrupt combinations, with a bit more damage this time around 6. Wind Main A pretty safe team to use, with good refresh capabilities and decent damage 7. Wind Main 2 A f2p friendly team with a lot of buffs and huge damage capability, although risky especially for round 1 where you could get controlled
2018-12-16 03:31:56 - ICExx - Strategy

Matsuri : Ten Tails Madara & Bond Jonin Minato

2019-01-10 03:25:32 - WhiteFang10 - General Discussion

Jonin Minato or anbu Itachi from Fateful Choice

Hi peoples, I'm a F2P who will have ~7.4k coupons at the end of this week. Should I buy jonin Minato or anbu Itachi from fateful choice for the 5k Fuku's deals, or just save my coupons? I already have 33 Minato frags, so he costs about 6.6k. I have 6 Itachi frags, so he costs about 5.5k. I already have Minato's bond mystery, but I need Itachi as a support for my Shisui. I'm currently running SB, Shisui, Iruka, and Kurenai (full sb). Who should I get?
2019-01-08 09:22:06 - kazikazi - General Discussion

Minato Flak Jacket Lineups

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood DareDev1L here I thought I would give a few suggestions on Minato Flak Jacket lineups for those of you looking for ideas. All right here goes. Apologies for the pictures being different in size This lineup is quite popular if you want to consider damage and ignition into your equation, most importantly Obito does a good job in CC'ing the enemy and the combination of iruka and fire main gives a hefty amount of buffs. You can switch up passives and/or positions with Minato/Obito if you're running into Han lineups. This one's a bit of a hard hitter and may require a bit of a wallet to obtain, but if you've reached that level then you're talking about heavy CC and damage dealing. You'll basically be preventing any sort of movement from your enemy which is good for multiple reasons, especially blitz type teams. A different take on the first lineup I mentioned. This is *ternative when you know you have the barrier initiative and the enemies ahead of you don't use anyone that cuts off your barrier. Regardless, quite a powerful lineup if you want to go full damage with a bit of CC and ignition. This one's from my good ol' friend Achroma who used this for his SWB last night. It works pretty well with overall control of the battlefield and is stronger when you have the initiative advantage. It's also one good way to counter Jin lineups. Anyway that is just a few of many lineups that could be attempted, let me know what you guys think of them and if they work for you. Keep up to date with the forums as I'll be posting another lineup thread for the 2nd Jinchuriki Treasure on Sunday. NOTE: If you'd like to provide your own lineups to this thread, maybe something less impact but more affordable for free to plays, don't be shy to reply!
2017-07-28 20:27:32 - DareDev1L - Strategy

Edo Minato lineups

I am looking for a good team for edo minato. Just got him and edo hiruzen. Currently running : Pos 1 : minato Pos 2: Hiruzen Pos 3: wind main ( immune talent) Pos 4: iruka. This was one big recharge and the last one i will ever do. Did it for minato my fav ninja. Is there any team i can build towards that would be better with minato, keeping in mind no more recharges. My current pool of ninjas is very small but looking for teams i can get in the future. Any help appreciated.
2019-01-06 02:56:18 - Lanfear - Strategy

Jonin Minato Lineup

Hi, im pretty new to this game, and i just recently got jonin minato, i dont have rare ninjas, coz im F2P person just to have fun when i have time from work and baby + wife :) so if you can pls share some teams for fire / lightning main with join minato :) just give me ideas if i dont have a ninja i will focus on getting it :)
2018-12-23 03:51:33 - SharooKny@gmail.com - Strategy

Minato Jonin

Does anyone know how much Minato is going out in the current event (Ingots / Coupons)?
2019-01-03 23:43:06 - Hou Yi - General Discussion

What are some good Hminato teams?

2018-10-03 06:22:21 - Mr.P - Strategy

Jonin Minato mid game line-up

Hi guys, so as it says in the title i need a decent Jonin Minato line-up for now untill i get more coupons to grab myself a few more good ninjas and make a good team out of them. Thanks!
2018-12-14 22:12:08 - Flum - Strategy

Hokage Minato lineups

Hey everyone! Since Hokage Minato is a fairly popular ninja nowadays due to the luck based events that we had where a lot of people got him, I would like to share some useful and fun lineups for him, hope you like it. :) 1. Fire Main Now this lineup might be the best PVP one for Hokage Minato currently in my opinion. It has a lot of things such as ignites, reflects, mirror immunity, interruption, immobiles in both mystery and chase, also a barrier and an extra standard attack from Onoki. A lot of positive and useful things about this lineup as you can see, it is fairly good vs any kind of teams, some kind of a basic requirement would be high initiative on Minato due to that round 2 mystery. (The lineup c*so be used with Wind Main, it would have more damage and possibly a refresh with Impetus but would lose out on the protection such as reflect and immunity which is very important when it comes to PVP therefore I prefer this version). 2. Fire Main (2) I do realize this lineup is pretty expensive due to Susano Itachi, but those who have him can definitely give it a shot! It works pretty well, essentially having a mystery every single round and having chaoses,immobile chase,interruptions,tags also an immunity shield from fire main and reflect passive (can be changed to Fire Enhacement if you feel safe, e.g. not fighting Masked Man, Susano Itachi).As both Itachi and Minato mysteries are 20 chakra it makes for an amazing round 2 being able to use both mysteries. Overall a fun team with good damage and control. 3. Water Main A bit slow team but a safe one (although a bit weak vs blitzes depending on how strong your Roshi is), main point of the team is the ignites/poisons with a great way of keeping a ninja under control due to neurotoxin talent (if you feel there is no need for it, can be changed to healing tips). If Roshi doesn't die in round 1-2 then this team is pretty much guaranteed to win due to the scaling. 4. Earth Main Shields, buffs, igntion, immobile, some of the best qualities for a team although it is preferred to use a 3* Kushina as she is more useful/safer to be in front. The lineup essentially has a mystery every round, making an immobile chase of each mystery. Onoki and Kushina could also swap places in the lineup if you wish, to make Minato more secure with the clones in front of him. 5. Wind Main This team is about having a full buffed Hokage Minato to deal great amount of damage, Kazekage Gaara is there for the immobile chase and barrier, Iruka is for shields and buff, Wind main also providing a great buff, protection with clones and a refresh mystery. Main problem with this team is fighting ninjas such as Susano Itachi and Masked Man where they could ruin your combo by simply CCing your Wind Main, mostly for that reason I normally prefer using the fire main teams. If you are not facing those ninjas and you have higher initiative on Hokage Minato then this team will be very deadly in all aspects.
2017-11-14 08:40:52 - ICExx - Strategy