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80 minato fragments but the game didnt want me to have them

I win 80 minato fragments but i didnt get them

The support team said I didnt win but look at the pictures they dont want me to have my fragments and I dont care if its a bug

Can Edo Minato and So6P naruto go together in a team?

Im a fairly new player to this game and out of some * luck I got Edo Minato from Lucky Stars event.Thing is I was rolling those lucky stars to get some frags for So6P naruto and now that I got Edo Minato I'm wondering is it possible to make a really good team using both of them together?When I looked up teams for each of them there were like 0 that included both of them in the same lineup.There are teams with Minato and Naruto ofc but not the Edo Minato and So6p Naruto.If there are any teams that use both can you show me examples perhaps. Thanks.
2019-05-11 05:51:02 - Muew - General Discussion

Best Minato?

I have read and heard such differing opinions on this question. And I just wanted to know which version of Minato is the best in the game. I have Hokage Minato from Lucky Board a couple weeks ago but I never see anyone else using him in cross server events (my bracket is pretty new I would suspect. Been playing about two months so far). I see a few Jonin Minato around and, since he was easy to get recently, I see A LOT of Edo Minato. I have been able to go toe to toe with other teams with Hokage Minato even when at a power disadvantage. My main problem with him is his reliance on tag to get a big aoe mystery off. I love Minato and would like to have all of his versions someday. If one version is best at something and another is better at something else that would be awesome to know too. Mainly asking about standard two people 4v4s like SWB or Training Grounds, but knowing their strengths and weaknesses would be awesome.
2019-05-08 23:58:11 - ObeyGiant - General Discussion

Edo Minato

Hello, I recently just got edo minato from lucky wheel for a pretty cheap price but idk what is the best-suited team for him. Here are my ninjas
2019-05-18 18:40:17 - Kai - Strategy

Edo Minato

Can someone help me build a team, although I have very little ninjas, it would be appreciated.
2019-05-18 07:23:48 - red_blade - Strategy

i just draw 200cp and got edo minato :v (first draw ten)

how lucky

edo minato lineup

se Is this a good lineup for edo minato? just putting it out there
2019-05-16 23:23:32 - Proman223 - General Discussion

Minato Flak Jacket Lineups

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood DareDev1L here I thought I would give a few suggestions on Minato Flak Jacket lineups for those of you looking for ideas. All right here goes. Apologies for the pictures being different in size This lineup is quite popular if you want to consider damage and ignition into your equation, most importantly Obito does a good job in CC'ing the enemy and the combination of iruka and fire main gives a hefty amount of buffs. You can switch up passives and/or positions with Minato/Obito if you're running into Han lineups. This one's a bit of a hard hitter and may require a bit of a wallet to obtain, but if you've reached that level then you're talking about heavy CC and damage dealing. You'll basically be preventing any sort of movement from your enemy which is good for multiple reasons, especially blitz type teams. A different take on the first lineup I mentioned. This is *ternative when you know you have the barrier initiative and the enemies ahead of you don't use anyone that cuts off your barrier. Regardless, quite a powerful lineup if you want to go full damage with a bit of CC and ignition. This one's from my good ol' friend Achroma who used this for his SWB last night. It works pretty well with overall control of the battlefield and is stronger when you have the initiative advantage. It's also one good way to counter Jin lineups. Anyway that is just a few of many lineups that could be attempted, let me know what you guys think of them and if they work for you. Keep up to date with the forums as I'll be posting another lineup thread for the 2nd Jinchuriki Treasure on Sunday. NOTE: If you'd like to provide your own lineups to this thread, maybe something less impact but more affordable for free to plays, don't be shy to reply!
2017-07-28 20:27:32 - DareDev1L - Strategy

Best comp for edo minato.

I pulled with 400 coupons edo minato and i need some help to build a good free to play team for him. Im lvl 94 and i already have iruka has a support.
2019-05-14 22:48:04 - minatoo99 - General Discussion

Edo Minato

I really don't have that many ninjas but here is all I have. I just pulled Edo Minato on my alt so tryna find a team for him https://imgur.com/a/1amY3Gw
2019-05-14 11:02:49 - CandyBlade Sensi - Strategy

Edo Minato crazy good soon or meh

Can we just talk about how Op Edo minato becomes with his skill books of course I'ma get something wrong and miss some stuff but STILL..I mean I don't mind the buff but jeezzzz 1.He has a barrier, that increase 100% Resistance and Defense and while barrier up both sides can't gain additional chakra 2.He can leach 3.He scales..With skills book 15% combo rate, 10% attack with a 20 chakra each time he chases/ Or his Y+1 That lower his cool down time 4.He dodges 5.Hes immune 6.If someone attack him they get igintion , with skills books if you attack him ignition plus 8% defense lower (stackable), his Y+1 kinda meh 8% more hp per chakra gain ehh 7.Jutsu hits threw dodge with interruption, can have a 12 hit that 3 round cooldown, or 8 hits and 2 round cooldown 8.With skills books Jutsu hits 30% more harder with his standard 30% more hard 9. One of his passive brings him back after 2 rounds and re-actives the barrier and such Is it me or umm that kinda well crazy good?
2019-05-11 11:13:21 - Akuma Bloodlines - General Discussion

10 Tails Obito & Skillbreakthrough Edo Minato Gameplay!

2019-05-12 19:46:35 - WhiteFang10 - General Discussion

Edo Hashirama x Jonin Minato Damage Duo

Support us here! https://youtu.be/E_SXESjyPtc
2019-05-09 09:36:10 - okbuthow - General Discussion

Skilbreakthrough Edo Minato (New Meta?)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3edQbYQ9O6s Watch the video to see rest :P
2019-05-01 07:31:33 - WhiteFang10 - General Discussion