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100 frags minato pull in lucky *

Congrats to a player in my server for obtaining 100 frags minato in Lucky *
2020-03-25 23:49:42 - starboy23 - General Discussion

Jonin Minato Meta

2020-03-01 17:58:12 - S189Daisy - General Discussion

Edo Minato

Hey So I noticed Edo minato SB is really meta right now. How much is it to get him 4*?
2020-03-12 07:38:13 - OceanMan - General Discussion

Five Natures Earth is all about Minato

2020-03-09 09:33:38 - okbuthow - General Discussion

Minato (Edo Tensei) (¡¡¡THOUGHTS!!!)

Thoughts about Edo Minato (3* and 4* version) Your personal best lineup and best ninjas to combine with him / Choosing Breakthrough between PvP and PvE Feel free to share your idea! ^^
2020-03-04 23:48:51 - Ikari Ketsueki - General Discussion

Minato [Edo Tensei] assist links barrier lineups

Hey guys! To get this new skill you will need Edo Hiruzen, Edo Tobirama and Edo Hashirama cards used on Edo Minato in assist links feature (4th ninja can be random, and of course overall level 25 of the cards) So it requires quite a bit of expensive ninjas The barrier is really amazing since it can counter any kind of blitz pretty much because it prevents chakra gain and also gives 100% def/res However there is a big problem here, the fact that it's very easy to counter this barrier with using 5 Kage Madara, Shark Kisame or just simply having more overall initiative and getting your own auto-barrier The main problem with Edo Minato in general is his 3 rounds cooldown mystery, otherwise he is a great ninja (a lot of ninja tags = easy to buff, un-dodgeable interrupt mystery, dodge, immunity, scaling chase) 1. Wind Main If you are confident that you won't lose the barrier in this team then replace the chakra gain passive from Wind Main because it won't work while Edo Minato barrier is active There are also choices of using sage mode or flower guard 2. Wind Main 2 Again, feel free to use clones or some other passive instead of chakra gain one here Killer Bee is great here since he buffs both Kushina and Minato 3. Wind Main 3 Edo Sasori one of the best support ninjas because of his revive and rebuff Just a problem with this team is the lack of immobile/control chase 4. Earth Main Don't use Gaara barrier while you have Edo Minato barrier :P There are some nice replacements also as position2 such as Edo Tobirama/Hashirama, or you can put 6 Paths Naruto in pos1 and Edo Minato in pos2 5. Water Main
2019-04-28 01:07:22 - ICExx - Strategy

Minato [Edo Tensei] Lineups

Hey guys! So one of coolest looking ninjas is in the game, but the question is whether he is a good ninja? Mystery: So this is both one of his best and one of his worst traits, the mystery itself is great as it's un-dodgeable + interrupt for 10 units, so it's like you are using Hokage Minato+ Kakashi Susano BUT the cooldown is 3 rounds and he doesn't have any passive/standard attack that can reduce his cooldown Standard Attack: Pretty much same as Hokage Minato, decent Chase: Same as Jonin Minato, this is an amazing chase as it gives good scaling over time and also it's not hard to fit it into teams Passive 1: I believe this is the best passive of this kind in the game , 3 in 1 passive immunity + igntion + tag on hit, pretty crazy Passive 2: Dodge is always nice although honestly it could've been something more useful, because he already has that crazy passive 1 he doesn't need the dodge nearly as much as jonin and hokage minato need it Keep in mind that he is one of the most buff-able ninjas currently, he has kage + konoha + edo + jinchuriki + sage tags, so that's a big plus Overall, the biggest downsides of this ninja are his 3 rounds cooldown on mystery and most likely low damage capability when compared to other pos1 ninjas. You could use him as pos2 in some teams, but he doesn't have any kind of supporting passives therefore he is mostly a pos1 material ninja. Now is he better than other Minatos ? well that's debate-able and you can judge that for yourselves , he for sure is different About Main Characters in my opinion he works the best with Wind Main definitely (dance of impetus), 2nd best Water/Fire Main 1. Wind Main "the full buff Minato team" Self explanatory, this is a full buff team and has quite decent potential (well unless someone can nuke you thru blitz teams) But keep in mind that even with full buff Edo Minato mystery damage is not so impressive when compared to Hokage or Jonin Minato 2. Wind Main 2 "the full Sage team" Edo Hashirama sage heals can be pretty high, overall the team is squishy if you run into blitzy enemies such as Edo Hiruzen but in places where you would have fights over 2 rounds such as Space Time this time would last a long time The team has great immobile/interrupt + chakra drain capabilities for every single round 3. Wind Main 3 Ah what's better than the interrupt + chakra drain old combo with Shark Kisame, well of course you have to own the pos1 initiative for it to work in the way intended 4. Water Main "the jinchuriki Minato team" I thought this one is interesting to try out if you want to be a bit more on the "cancer" side 5. Water Main 2 This one is self explanatory :p Also a lot of interrupt + chakra drain and immobile combo, now this one is against buffs and shields, as 5 kage madara would wipe them anyway therefore it's best to use Water Main in that kind of situation 6. Earth Main "the full buff team" Same concept as the very 1st Wind Main team, it's a full buff team with 2x attacks in round 1 for both Minato and Edo Hiruzen, also great chances of doing Edo Hiruzen mystery in round 1 also The team will have a lot of damage however can get easily countered by 5 kage Madara for example That's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful !
2018-10-21 06:13:14 - ICExx - Strategy

Minato jonin with sasuke susanoo line up

any one know a good main and a position 4 ninja that can go with minato and sasuke susanoo? i will try all the line up you can make XD thanks
2018-09-03 14:21:18 - Dark Horses - Strategy

Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] breakthrough lineups

Hey guys! Definitely Y for mystery because you'd want to combine it with Y chase to have a spammable mystery Just a damage increase Synergize Y mystery and Y chase for a spammable mystery This is a tough choice, Y is better if you are vs ninjas that do more hits per round Definitely +2 here, I personally am not a fan of the revive passives especially for pos1 ninjas if he died then that means that the fight is pretty much over already For breakthrough priority I'd say: Mystery , Chase > Passive 1 > Passive 2 > Standard Attack 1. Fire Main If you'll have the minato barrier active you can change the chakra gain passive 2. Fire Main 2 Something to try , especially if you also have Edo Hashirama breakthrough 3. Earth Main 4. Water Main Sadly Roshi passive can't give you chakra if you Minato barrier is active here, so better use this team when you can't win barrier 5. Water Main 2 A bit of a cheaper team to change things up Still quite effective, you could use Edo Itachi instead of Ningendo also
2019-12-07 23:50:55 - ICExx - Strategy

Minato Jonin Lune up?????

Minato jonin Line up?????
2020-01-04 07:23:26 - ItzBojkez - Strategy

Team Minato ST and Naruto Ronin

Hello oasis add tommorow Edo Minato Break so i looking for team minato and Ronin Naruto. Any team suggestions?
2019-12-04 23:35:33 - Deftsu - Strategy

Minato assist ninja card

Hey guys! Quick thread about this new Minato assist ninja card that we got last week Rank 1 = 50 init Rank 2 = 100 init Rank 3 = 150 init Rank 4 = 200 init Rank 5 = 250 init Rank 6 = 300 init Rank 7 = 350 init Rank 8 = 400 init It doesn't give any power and even when you equip it it doesn't give visible initiative stats, only works in battle Therefore this card is something like a trump card which you only use to be sneaky in having more initiative than your enemy (a space time enemy which is very close to your init for example, but then again he could use the card also) In normal battles you'd benefit more from other cards which give your nin/res boosts or so
2019-10-26 17:26:57 - ICExx - Strategy

Minato Namikaze [Suit] Lineups

Hey guys! Mystery: interruption + removing super armor is great, but only on 3 units makes him more suited to be a pos2-3 ninja Standard Attack: Decent attack Chase: Same as other minato's also, great scaling and this can make him a good damage dealer Passive 1: Dodge is always welcome Passive 2: Now this is why you'd prefer using some female units in your team to benefit from this passive Overall he is a decent f2p ninja, for newer players they c*e him as pos1 even but I didn't make any pos1 team with him here I made all teams utilizing his passive 2 and making him more of a damage dealer pos2 ninja 1. Lightning Main A pretty nice f2p friendly team here, Shizuka is a great ninja and she receives a good amount of support in this team 2. Wind Main Something to try with Temari, easy to spam her mystery and you have good protection with Wind Main + Gakido If you want to spam Minato mystery also you should probably use the chakra gain passive 2 3. Wind Main 2 A typical God Angel Konan team, something to try and utilize that female ninjutsu heal 4. Water Main Also quite f2p friendly, Water Shark Bomb spamming team You have good protection, chaoses, chakra draining, cooldown increasing etc 5. Fire Main Good idea to give ninjutsu healing to *ready immortal Kushina right ? :P Of course you c*so use Fire Main passive and replace minato with another ninja in this team also
2019-10-12 20:03:28 - ICExx - Strategy

Minato Suit

Guys, I am thinking I might get Minato Suit this week if I am lucky, so I have a few line ups I would like to try. But the real reason I posted this is because I need help with a lineup for him. These are ninjas I have : Masked Man, Itachi Anbu, Shisui, Rinegan Sasuke, Kushina (4 stars red hot), Izuna, Hashirama, Fully broken (Gaara, Gakido, Ningedo, Kurenai, Shikamaru) oh and also sage naruto
2019-10-10 19:27:30 - ALPHA68 - Strategy

Edo Minato team Recommendations

Looking t make a edo minato team can anyone recommend a main and full team
2019-10-11 06:05:39 - Mason_5565 - Strategy