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Edo Minato mood help

hey i just got edo minato and i was wondering what mood i should choose for him life=nin or attack
2021-09-10 05:05:23 - KuwataHaizaki - Strategy

Firework Packs/Summer Minato/AoG Konan/How did someone manage to recruit them

We are a relatively new server (s.1932). We had recent fireworks with 45 selection fragments of Summer Minato. And until now, there hasn't really been any other way of getting his fragments. (correct me if i'm wrong). How come someone can achieve him while all we had only 45 fragments? What am i missing here? Let me note that there is AoG Konan in the server as well. (Another selection in the same pack)
2022-06-01 10:50:58 - teemonly - General Discussion

Minato summer lineups?

Any good minato summer lineups siggestions?
2022-05-26 00:40:25 - Onikag3 - Strategy

Minato Jonin Scarlet Blaze F2P Lineup

Help me
2022-04-24 02:09:28 - Shu_Kurenai - Strategy

Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] breakthrough lineups

Hey guys! Definitely Y for mystery because you'd want to combine it with Y chase to have a spammable mystery Just a damage increase Synergize Y mystery and Y chase for a spammable mystery This is a tough choice, Y is better if you are vs ninjas that do more hits per round Definitely +2 here, I personally am not a fan of the revive passives especially for pos1 ninjas if he died then that means that the fight is pretty much over already For breakthrough priority I'd say: Mystery , Chase > Passive 1 > Passive 2 > Standard Attack 1. Fire Main If you'll have the minato barrier active you can change the chakra gain passive 2. Fire Main 2 Something to try , especially if you also have Edo Hashirama breakthrough 3. Earth Main 4. Water Main Sadly Roshi passive can't give you chakra if you Minato barrier is active here, so better use this team when you can't win barrier 5. Water Main 2 A bit of a cheaper team to change things up Still quite effective, you could use Edo Itachi instead of Ningendo also
2019-12-07 23:50:55 - ICExx - Strategy

Minato Jonin or Gaara Suit?

both are good but which is best for early game (30k~ power) any recommended f2p lineups for the both of them too?
2022-03-24 18:02:05 - crack on oogwae - Strategy

Minato Edo

Is it still worth it to get minato barier/bond skill?
2022-03-29 09:49:44 - james123456789 - General Discussion

Minato Namikaze [Swimsuit] Lineups

Hey guys! Mystery: A decent normal mystery with the usual 2 rounds cooldown and 40 chakra cost. Can serve well as pos1-2 damage Standard Attack: This is great, standard attacks that stack your ninja with a permanent buff are amazing Chase: This is one way of causing this new debuff (decreases evasion by 25% for 1 round) and it's good if you have 60+ chakra Passive 1: A bit more support type of passive which could be better in my opinion Passive 2: 65% chance of causing the new debuff and good amount of healing to get if he gets chased often A decent new ninja but of course there are better replacements. Currently only available in the recharge wheel so if you got lucky and got him cheap then why not use him More suited for newer players in my opinion 1. Wind Main 2. Fire Main 3. Fire Main 2 4. Water Main 5. Earth Main
2021-09-11 00:45:07 - ICExx - Strategy

Edo Minato Lineup Help Please (Will change any main)

Hello! I am seeking guidance on who to build with my Edo Tensei Minato, he is 4 star with gold BT on everything except Chase and Standard. I am fairly new to the server I am and it has just merged sitting at 60k power, I have a handful of decent ninjas but am no means a whale just a low-mid spender and am just looking to build a team with what I have and looking for advice on what to theoretically obtain to transition my team into later game team. I am using Wind main but will swap to any main if there is a viable team with the units I have. Didnt include the base ninjas you get by playing only included the ninjas I think are useful that I have in my arsenal. I know eventually I probably need to get my hands on the 3 kage to use red seal barrier bond but for me thatll probably be far into the late game as they will take awhile to obtain. Thanks for your time and help ninjas! Ninjas: Jiraya [Toad Chant] 3* Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] 4* Hinata [Wedding Dress] 3* Kakuzu [Akatsuki's Creation] 3* Kimimaro [Halloween] 3* Gaara [base] 4* Tenten [GNW] 3* Konan [Frog Squad] 3* Kakashi 3* Kakashi [Beheading Sword] 3* Tsunade [Sannin War] 3* Hinata [GNW] 2* Rin Nohara 2* Ay [Third Raikage] 3* (12 frags 4*) Hashirama [New Year] 3* Hinata [Cloak] 2* Genma Shiranui 3*
2021-11-12 06:48:22 - Alchemist1056 - Strategy

Minato(swimsuit) lineup help

I'm not good at making teams so I ask for your support. It could be competitive or fun to play. Ninjas: Summons:
2021-10-09 10:56:27 - NekoUchiha - Strategy

Need help withEdo Minato team suggestion ideas for earth main

2021-08-27 09:20:15 - KuwataHaizaki - Strategy

Minato (edo)

Can anyone help me make a lineup with any main? Thank you
2021-01-06 08:32:16 - james123456789 - Strategy

Minato Flak Jacket Lineups

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood DareDev1L here I thought I would give a few suggestions on Minato Flak Jacket lineups for those of you looking for ideas. All right here goes. Apologies for the pictures being different in size This lineup is quite popular if you want to consider damage and ignition into your equation, most importantly Obito does a good job in CC'ing the enemy and the combination of iruka and fire main gives a hefty amount of buffs. You can switch up passives and/or positions with Minato/Obito if you're running into Han lineups. This one's a bit of a hard hitter and may require a bit of a wallet to obtain, but if you've reached that level then you're talking about heavy CC and damage dealing. You'll basically be preventing any sort of movement from your enemy which is good for multiple reasons, especially blitz type teams. A different take on the first lineup I mentioned. This is *ternative when you know you have the barrier initiative and the enemies ahead of you don't use anyone that cuts off your barrier. Regardless, quite a powerful lineup if you want to go full damage with a bit of CC and ignition. This one's from my good ol' friend Achroma who used this for his SWB last night. It works pretty well with overall control of the battlefield and is stronger when you have the initiative advantage. It's also one good way to counter Jin lineups. Anyway that is just a few of many lineups that could be attempted, let me know what you guys think of them and if they work for you. Keep up to date with the forums as I'll be posting another lineup thread for the 2nd Jinchuriki Treasure on Sunday. NOTE: If you'd like to provide your own lineups to this thread, maybe something less impact but more affordable for free to plays, don't be shy to reply!
2017-07-28 20:27:32 - DareDev1L - Strategy

I managed to get Edo Minato but I got no clue what to do with him. Help!

2019-04-21 09:08:59 - Mayonnaise - Strategy

Shisui vs minato

As the topic say. In your opinion. Who is better edo minato 4* or shisui kimano?
2021-04-19 18:23:48 - Three7 - Strategy