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Lineup Edo minato

Hi, can someone tell me a good team for Edo minato for p2w please. I want a team for 1vs1 not for 3vs3 or something else.
2020-05-26 06:16:43 - bodoo - Strategy

The most hardest minato bt

2020-05-11 22:02:38 - S1413HipHopSouL - General Discussion


Best place to spend for edo minato. Which events are best to get the most edo minato frags for the cheapest. Thx
2020-05-23 10:39:18 - GothamsNewHero - General Discussion

Edo Minato Frags

Trying to see the best way to get edo minato, does anyone know the best (and cheapest) events to get his frags
2020-05-18 11:18:05 - GothamsNewHero - General Discussion

minato edo+shisui

bonjour je cherche une team avec minato edo et shisui quel-qu un a t il des idees?actuellement j ai heros vent shisui minato edo en en soutien et kurenai
2019-02-27 01:37:51 - mkd78 - Strategy

Minato and Itachi mood.

Hey guys, what's the best mood for Edo minato and Edo itachi?
2020-05-14 22:44:35 - Luditto - Strategy

Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] breakthrough lineups

Hey guys! Definitely Y for mystery because you'd want to combine it with Y chase to have a spammable mystery Just a damage increase Synergize Y mystery and Y chase for a spammable mystery This is a tough choice, Y is better if you are vs ninjas that do more hits per round Definitely +2 here, I personally am not a fan of the revive passives especially for pos1 ninjas if he died then that means that the fight is pretty much over already For breakthrough priority I'd say: Mystery , Chase > Passive 1 > Passive 2 > Standard Attack 1. Fire Main If you'll have the minato barrier active you can change the chakra gain passive 2. Fire Main 2 Something to try , especially if you also have Edo Hashirama breakthrough 3. Earth Main 4. Water Main Sadly Roshi passive can't give you chakra if you Minato barrier is active here, so better use this team when you can't win barrier 5. Water Main 2 A bit of a cheaper team to change things up Still quite effective, you could use Edo Itachi instead of Ningendo also
2019-12-07 23:50:55 - ICExx - Strategy

Stop asking 4 Edo Minato 4 fireworks festival

Hi guys I created this post to tell you guys to stop asking Bandai to make edo minato a firework ninja if we keep asking for him then Bandai won't release him at all and firework festival ninjas are supposed to be a surprise. Also stay tuned for my SO6P Naruto Breakthrough that is releasing on Friday 18:00 EST 5/15
2020-05-14 05:08:37 - Christ The Beast - General Discussion

Minato [Edo Tensi] Counter Ideas

We've all seen the plague of Minato ET spreading everywhere. I wanted to open this discussion to find ways to counter this character and its line ups :D
2020-05-09 06:51:31 - Kythara - General Discussion

Lineup Edo Minato

Hi, I have Edo minato and want to buy another 2 ninjas. Whowould be the best in the team with him?
2020-05-13 00:36:48 - bodoo - Strategy

I need advice on Minato edo and main water

what ability of the main water do I have to put to make Minato attack and jumped at every turn? every in the arena a guy attacked me every turn O.O how is it possible ??
2020-05-08 17:18:39 - Sic58 - Strategy

Minato - Tsunade - Kushina Lineup

Which main character would go best with this team? I was thinking either fire main for the shield or water main for the extra heals? Any thoughts?
2020-05-04 02:57:25 - Sayanos - Strategy

Jonin Minato - worth it?

Hey! I've been playing for a couple of month, I have only (some) of the freely available ninjas, and I saved up 13k coupons. I'm wondering if Jonin Minato in the current event worth to buy for a player like me? 80 fragments would cost 8960 coupons right now, the majority of my savings. Should I buy him, should I save more for later and get even more powerful ninjas in a future deal? I don't really have a specific route I want to take, so it's all open right now. Thanks for any input! PS: maybe I put this in the wrong section as it's not really a strategy question. Sorry about that, feel free to move the post somewhere else!
2019-09-16 18:35:19 - csillag - Strategy

Minato and naruto sage mode lineup

can someone suggest a lineup for Minato jonin and naruto sage mode. I don't care about main. Konoha proxy would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
2020-04-28 21:30:49 - Augustus Caesar - Strategy

Opinion Edo Minato or Kushina red ?

Which ninjas i should buy this week edo minato or kushina red as i have around 10k coupons? Currently my team is wind main with jonin minato bond mystery, shisui koto and sage naruto .
2020-04-23 23:25:04 - TG3620 - Strategy