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[ Updates ] Event - Feedbacks 20th July


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Hello Ninjas,

as per previous Event Feedback threads, we will be opening another one for this week Events - 20th July, suggestions and improvements idea towards our events are all welcomed. This is one of our critical action and necessity for our community to grow, as it allow us to identify and improve our overall content and events for all of our players. Following format shall be used in order to ensure a uniform and ease data collection towards the end of the week.

Since this week is our anniversary week, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions of all our anniversary events so far! Have fun :)

Example:-Server : 34
Region : HK
Current BP : 58K
Events : Lucky Board
Opinion : The current ninjas offered in Lucky Board is outdated : Sage Jiraiya
Reasoning : With the current treasure and meta, it is very hard to find a spot for Sage Jiraiya, a universal ninja which can suit into multiple type of strategy would serve better example : Sage Naruto. On top of that, it has been Sage Jiraiya for past few months a new ninja would be a good change.
Suggestions : To replace Sage Jiraiya with Sage Naruto Fragments

We would also, like to inform everyone that we are trying our best to push for changes / improvements that the players have suggested. However, the final decision would be at the hand of the management and there is no guarantee of the time it might takes.

Fortunately, please rest assured as all your feedbacks are being entertained by our team and will always be in our discussions. The example that we have provided is merely a guideline for everyone, feel free to elaborate on your reasonings/suggestions to ensure the message are throughly communicated.
Any unrelated comments or posts that doesn't follow the format will be deleted.

Thank you.

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Server : 332
Region : NY
Current BP : 44K
Events : All Anniversary Events
Opinion : Team is simply defused from community
Reasoning : This has to be the worse Anniversary I've ever seen in my entire life within a game. Never have I witness a line of events that ASKS the player to deposit and INVEST more money instead of gifting and giving away free things to the community. Just like Christmas, this event is only catered to P2W users, leaving the F2P Users in the dust. The two additional events are practically nothing and are non-announcements. This is honestly a slap to the face to the users and will only result in more people quitting. If ONLY the "Ability To Listen" was used, Oasis Games wouldn't be having so much problems with the community at hand. Just listen and give us what WE ask, not what you want. It's been a full year of mostly disappointments.

All that we ask is transparency and honesty. The ability to be able to express our concerns and our desires in the forum of actual events that are catered to BOTH communities, not P2W. The bulk of a community is F2P; alienate it and you'll only have complaints every week.
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Server : 191
Region : NY
Current BP : 7k
Events : All Anniversary Events
Opinion : Just close your game. You guys do nothing but disappointment.
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Server : 62
Region : EU/UK
Current BP : 60K
Events : one year anniversery event, Call For Duty
Opinion : the first event is poorly designed in regards to the rewards for f2p players, the second event is poorly desigend in general
Reasoning : the first event is poorly desigend to the addition of a daily cap on ramen gain, this stifles an f2p players access to the event and makes this a spender based event
the call for duty event is poorly designed because it has such a niche and unattainable reward scheme with the abuse of alt accounts
Suggestions : increase the gainable ramen cap from 20 to 50 per day and then increase the chance of getting ramen by a bit
for the call to duty event, every player who has a friend that was inactive over a week on there friendslist log in should receive these awards, not simply those who use a link to do so

Extra notes:this feels less like we are celebrating an anniversery as much as its rechargers celebrating an anniversery, free players should get a little more love from the events available, because i will admit, i was very much hoping for a week entirely focused on free players without any spending, so every player who is still here because they enjoy the game gets benifit out of it, and itd be a way to truly say thanks to your player base
thank you for reading~
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Server: S4
Region: LA
Event: all one year anniversary event
Opinion: it an anniversary a time to give thanks to player who spent 1 year with you. We should not be given ingots only and recharge event! we should have more event like last week where you can get 60 coupon a day. spend 100 coupon on a wheel that had good stuff.
Reasoning: It the time to show player you actually have change! To show them thanks for staying with you after everything you done to us! Otherwise kiss us player goodbye! Even p2w people are mad at you guys!
Suggestion: Make it so most event well give us something to be happy for. I for one think an outfit it self would be great to have. * you are adding pains into the shop soon, why not give player a pain gift pack to pick any of the 5. Also the events should give all player something good! Those event you can barely get anything
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Server: S369
Region: UK
Event: all one year anniversary events

Opinion: are you on some kind of psychedelic drugs oasis? All of these events are plain bad.

Reasoning: This is honestly the worst anniversary i have ever seen in any game period. It is completely designed to pull in the p2w and make them pay for their presents while f2p get a useless banana *er. This is not a good way to show appreciation from all of your dedicated players and this is coming from a p2w player who recharges regularly, this is plainly disappointing and appalling.

The p2w events do not even overlap and the deceiving words of "deposit" which should be SPEND on the froggy event make it even worse as it may seem like a p2w paradise anniversary in reality it's worse than a normal week. The previous week with myoboku trial was way better than the anniversary, how is this even possible?

I dread to even talk about the "f2p" events that have redeemable items which are priced at a HIGHER price than the in game shop. What are you thinking oasis? Please for the love of this game start listening to your playerbase and give them something back, you will NOT keep any p2w playing if you scare away all of the f2p players.
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Server :1
Region : NY
Current BP :69k
Events : Entire Anniversary
Opinion : How exactly are these events a thank you to everyone who has stuck through everything over the past year? Majority of them require us to pay, Oasis thanks us by wanting us to line their pockets even more? This is a giant slap in the face to EVERYONE.

Reasoning : The people STILL left here, have supported this joke of a company for a whole year, there has been so many issues, so much BS that has happened, we all had such high expectations, Oasis stouts that it cares about its players, but with how this weeks events are, it really reinforces they dont give a single F about the players, and its the same as usual, all about money. We're just little pawns to them, its sad and pathetic, how exactly are 7 events that require you to spend exactly celebrating the anniversary?

And I would also like to point out, you's actually cared more, and celebrated more for winning FB game of the year, probably because it stroked their ego so much, meanwhile the anniversary which is suppose to say thank you to the players, but it really doesnt.
Oh and also, Dont get me started on the joke of these additional events they added. That only made things worse, not to mention having to do surival MANUALLY? Get outta here with that, that is a kick down south added onto the giant smack to the face with the original events.

Suggestions : Do our suggestions even matter?
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Server : 627
Region : HK

Event : susanoo itachi and sasuke events among 1st anniversary events

Opinion : 1st anniversary is special day for all users. But new severs can't join susanoo sasuke consumption event and Jinturiki treasure event. This is really terrible. Please let all new servers join all 1st special events. Please don't confine and segregate 1st anniversary events according Level and Time Frame

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Example:-Server : 579
Region : LA
Current BP : 22k
Events : All of the anniversary but Im going to talk about Platinum Recharge
Opinion : Iruka shouldn't be in here. You went from Killer Bee (last time I recharged for event so that's the one I remember) to Iruka. Downgrade.
Reasoning : Let's just talk about Sasuke. What the heck is going on here? 1 measly frag? 1 tiny frag a day for $40? Is this like a joke for you all and the real anniversary events are next week? Nobody is going to recharge 14000 ingots for 17 Susanoo Sasuke frags and if they do they are the minority. Maybe even the 1%. I get he's a super powerful ninja and one of the best at this time, but charging about $300 for not even a 1/4 of him is ridiculous. Then Iruka. He's good, but why not offer a better ninja? Someone that people can't easily get. You made Iruka a refine fragments choice and a choice whenever new servers open up. Im pretty sure who ever wanted to 5* him has him at 5 already or at least close. This is unnecessary.
Suggestions : Why not make Sasuke 10 frags a day for 2000 or 2500 ingots and at the end of 7 days give us 20 so we'll be that more motivated to get him to 4*. In replace for Iruka why not throw in a Pain or have a Kage pack that doesn't give you the whole ninja, but at least close to the Ninja (ex: 30-40 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Hokage frags).
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Server : 04
Region : LA
Current BP :70k
Events : Entire Anniversary

Reasoning / Opinion : So I remembered last time when we had the anniversary, Naruto costed lower in terms of price (Around 200-300 dollars) for 50 fragments, and now Oasis is making it 500 USD instead, defeating the purpose of anniversary (Even though a lot of us in Server 04 are expecting a bit of drop in price to celebrate 1 year, but I guess I was wrong). We can see greed from some of you even in vital events that might jeopardize the survival of this game within Anniversary, and not giving some of the free to play players a chance to get what they like to acquire (Even though Im a P2W myself atm). Your team really did disappointed a lot of your loyal customers in S04, 17 frags of Susano'o Sasuke with 1 frag with a value of 2000 ingots will probably be your downfall...... I used to love this game, if you guys won't make a change anytime sooner, we could always move on to the next game.....
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Server : 04
Region : LA
Current BP :71k
Events : Entire Anniversary

Reasoning / Opinion : I agree with divine, but i also have something yall should take notice in aswell. Cursed hidan when it first came out it costed about 8k ingots. Well over time ive got it to 40/80. How come in this event 40 frags will cost me 8.4k when he was 8k before and that was 80 frags? So should do more reasonable prices on your characters the events are getting pointless week after week bc there over priced and the only people they get em are the ones with alot of money. To tell you the truth i pretty much stopped spending on this game bc ive noticed that.
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Server : 41
Region : uk
BP :67kEvents : All Anniversary Events.

Reasoning/Opinion: Pretty upset at your handling of anniversary event . You handled it in a lazy greedy and unprofessional manner. Your events are badly translated leading to people making decisions on false information with froggy which misleadingly gives impression that you get your money back. Your events show your greedy where you cant even give players concurrently running rebate events and would only give people the minimum fragments of a terrible filler ninja as reward and focus on spend events that reward your purse not the playerbase with no consideration for f2p. ITs one of the worst weeks for f2p players this year. Its like someone said previously its like its your birthday to day but you are making us pay for all our birthday presents.Its lazy because you largely rehashed old events with minimum effort put on with no consideration given to a significant event as a year anniversary. Your additional events are a joke it shows that you dont really understand why people are unhappy and just doing minimum effort damage control. By far the most disappointing week this year all it tells me is that you are still blinded by your greed with little concern for your player base unwilling and uninterested to learn from your mistakes in your wilful ignorance and arrogance.

Suggestions: Show some real change fire your relative using google translate for our events and hire qualified people to do our translation. Hire a real community manager who can be a direct Liason between the developers and does not treat customers with Disdain who can talk to devs make devs interviews where we can get actual answers back to our many legitimate concerns about the state of the game and issue regular podcasts on plans where the game is going what the plans or what we can expect and players we are tired of the moderation constant obfu*ion and half truths we still havent been given any official information on drop rates a year in even though its law now in China where Oasis is based. Be proactive not reactive take initiative when things are obviously wrong and players are unhappy and fix them before they become a problem like give us Mood Scrolls in group wheel battle simulator that has been out of date since 2.0. Work with Chinese developers to make an original NA/EU events for events that should be special like once per year anniversary rather than just copy pasting old content and calling it new. WE are not China we are not Germany or Taiwan we deserve to have some small amount of original content in addition to the usual copypasta. Show us that you actually give a * and not just milking us for money aiming to spend as little effort as possible on the actual game and support start listening and stop treating your customers with disdain give us a degree of transparency. AS far as we can tell all this feedback just goes in the bin at oasis head office based on your actions.

P.S: what i think pisses people off the most is that you put zero effort into making this special event feel special for players. Anniversary is only once a year but apparently making it special was too much effort. To say that players are unhappy would be an understatement. Learn from games like FFBrave Exvius Global. Oasis needs to remember that the players are not their enemy and change their attitude towards the players and do some serious soul searching and be honest and admit their mistakes rather than blaming negativity on the players and not their own handling of the franchise. WE are not here to cause you problems we are here to support the franchise we love , so help us make it succesfull you cant just take take take you have to give back to community as well when you accept that fact the game and the forums will be much healthier place.

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Example:-Server : 122
Region : LA
Current BP : 57k
Events : All Aniversery events
Opinion : Lack of support towards f2p people and lack of care for the player base
Reasoning : 4 events all ingot based, with a big amount being f2p players we got ignored for the events. for china they got jonin minato for there first year, why cant we get something as good as that? and the one event that is f2p just gives ninjas and nothing to help with power
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Server: 60
Region: UK
Current BP 40k
Events: Entire Anniversary

Opinion: Shiet, I wanted a free 6 tails

Reasoning: Honestly because 6 tails is end game dawg

other: But in all seriousness events are kinda "lacking"? for a 1 year anniversary even though its meant to be a thank you to everyone who has stuck around smh :v
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Server: 556
Region: UK
Reasoning:Today was a special day a day where our so called "favorite game" that we played for a year,a game we spended countless hours on,and in the end for the "Anniversary" which is a very special event for the events to be such *, its actually unbelievable, i though we were done with the bad events. And you guys would start becoming friendly with us F2P instead of making this game unplayable,it honestly disgusts me on how much money can change people
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Server : 59 61 63
Region : NY
Current BP : 32k
Events : All anniversary events, including the additional events
Opinion : The anniversary event that gives ramen is lacking and too expensive, those ninja frags are too expensive and therefor not worth it.The anniversary red envelope is a slap in the face to the f2p players, you give the impression that all you think of f2p is they're a bunch of beggars that need the rich players to gift them coupons. It's insulting. Also the mad anniversary event is crappy, if you're going to give us a free ninja make it worth it,and if you're going to force us the crappy ninja at least give us 80 frags just like that crappy Fukurokumaru on christmas time. The rewards on summer wars is crappy as well, better spend my ballons on water guns than any of the other stuff. And finally the consumption wheel has mediocre rewards as well, not worth spending. The additional events are same as weekly event so nothing special about them.
Reasoning :All we wanted was an event like the easter eggs, like the wishing lanterns, myoboku trial. Those were good events and felt special cuz it was a win win for all players. If you were going to give us free stuff why not give us swimsuit Ino or summer youth sai clothing, something special just for this occasion.
But like on every other feedback me and many others have given, you'll never change anything or listen to us.:(
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Server : 508
Region : US/NY
Current BP : 35k
Events : Entire Anniversary event

Opinion : These events are overall lackluster for the sought festive celebration this was supposed to be for the game. Since the game came out, we're supposed to relive our memories, good and bad, that's made us continue to linger around. Now, I'm not a day (day) one player, but I have been around for the early stages. I'm talking pre-nerf Tobi stages, when Sage Naruto treasure first came out stages. The events only seem for the eyes of those with a wallet, and sadly enough it's more or less the truth at this point.

Suggestions : Remove these really rushed events for tomorrow - which isn't something I forsee happening, but nonetheless an idea. Ontop of that pitch creative and new event, not re-runs of the previous events we've had in the past. Honestly, you could make rewards based on age gaps. The same way you have features unlock upon reaching a certain level requires for things like; treasures, events, and other basic things.

Make events for the lower levels that's based around power, offer them low-level refines and other beneficial things for them to catch up to those above them. While doing that, offer them a free and decent ninja - perhaps a selectable prize box of their choosing.

For people with higher levels the same can be done, however it'll be slightly better as to not fully make the lower levels feel inadiquite. Rebates and events like those are fine. These events can focus less on powering up, and more on cosmetics and ninja. Give them a higher chance to attain cheaply priced ninja fragments from events or something.

And lastly-- Allow all players to have some type of grand reward either it be from a wealthy amount of coupons, or even a very limited trial of a Jounin Medal.

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Server : 532
Region : US/NY
Current BP :45k
Events : Entire Anniversary event

As everyone is saying this is just not that good of an event. The event earlier this month with lucky board, you had double refine rebate and charm rebate.. was way better than this event. You should combine the wheel rebate with red envelope to begin with... that gives a good value for p2p players as a gift for 1 year anniversary. Secondly you should change the anniversary items cost.. its way too high.. its actually cheaper to buy alot of those items in the shop.. These events were poorly planned.. I am disappointed in you guys. I wont be spending this week.. ill just save for lucky board if i decide to spend again... This post was last edited by EonAD at 2017-7-21 09:30
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Server : 101
Region : NY
Current BP :67k
Events : Entire Anniversary

Guys you really messed it up this time. We were all looking forward to this week. If you were thinking of doing this just send them like 300 coupons in their mail and 3 seal scrolls. This is bad i dont even know how to start. I recharge i do and shinobi feast and envelope thing not being in the same time on the 1 year of this great game its bad really bad.Make them together,for once listen to us. Me as a P2P think we deserved that. You couldnt give us both, its sad and Iruka in planitum(3 frags reallly??).... what do you guys think.. do you even play the game?? I was waiting for bee again to make him 4 star. Other stuff limitting refines to 10.. why?? Ninjas are doubled the price.. why?? cursed hidan was 9k in december .. i got 60 frags then now its 17k.. we are not trying to buy a car or a house its just a ninja. im a jonin medal since day one.. never got benefits like in china 25 procent off.You are making your game more and more expensive and people are quiting.. from top 30-15 are gone in my server. Drop your prices and you will see that you will make more money then ever before. And if you have expensive ninjas dont sell them. Cause 10 people can buy them.. Offer them to those people or put premiums only. Kakashi is a fluffy ninja offer a pain.. we all have them but the thought that counts. You wont lose anything you will gain so much more. How to invite 5 of my friends that left the game when others leave cause of this mess.. i was so pissed off today i hoped for an amazing week.. week after week all the same. I have heard people if you lower your prices they will buy, but i guess 1 buyer of 1000 dollar ninja and 100 buyers of the same ninja 300 is not ok with you.. Dont know who makes this but its a joke.. Iruka like wow and 3 frags...Dont get me even started on the Froggy event (Deposit is something that you get after back). Jesus hope you guys will make changes and not a week from now... from tomorrow. Thank you for reading. This post was last edited by gor*** at 2017-7-21 09:34
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Server : 67
Region : NY
Current BP : 55k
Events : All Anniversary Events
Reasoning / Opinion : The events are very 1 sided toward p2w players. F2p (main player base) hardly got anything and this is the 1 year anniversary. Also Make Out Paradise Kakashi seriously? We play and support your game and you couldn't give us a useful ninja? I would of been happy with a pain optional pack at least they would get some use. All Kakashi will be good for is transformation and most probably will do it once. I cannot recall one time you (Oasis) have given us any useful ninja. I know we aren't supposed to mention other version of the game, but you should learn from China because they know how to keep there player base happy (Both p2w and f2p). Then most of the redemption prices if not all of them are overpriced. Honestly is this how you treat people who have stayed a full year with this game even after all the drama? I don't want to rant too much, but the way this game is headed you will have to make that Call for Duty event permanent because you do not listen to the players feedback. If you say you do then why are both f2p and p2w people quitting? This was a huge disappointment of an anniversary. Even mobile games have better anniversaries then this just look at Bleach Brave Souls and Dokkan Battle.
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