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[ Updates ] Event - Feedbacks 20th July


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Hello Ninjas,

as per previous Event Feedback threads, we will be opening another one for this week Events - 20th July, suggestions and improvements idea towards our events are all welcomed. This is one of our critical action and necessity for our community to grow, as it allow us to identify and improve our overall content and events for all of our players. Following format shall be used in order to ensure a uniform and ease data collection towards the end of the week.

Since this week is our anniversary week, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions of all our anniversary events so far! Have fun :)

Example:-Server : 34
Region : HK
Current BP : 58K
Events : Lucky Board
Opinion : The current ninjas offered in Lucky Board is outdated : Sage Jiraiya
Reasoning : With the current treasure and meta, it is very hard to find a spot for Sage Jiraiya, a universal ninja which can suit into multiple type of strategy would serve better example : Sage Naruto. On top of that, it has been Sage Jiraiya for past few months a new ninja would be a good change.
Suggestions : To replace Sage Jiraiya with Sage Naruto Fragments

We would also, like to inform everyone that we are trying our best to push for changes / improvements that the players have suggested. However, the final decision would be at the hand of the management and there is no guarantee of the time it might takes.

Fortunately, please rest assured as all your feedbacks are being entertained by our team and will always be in our discussions. The example that we have provided is merely a guideline for everyone, feel free to elaborate on your reasonings/suggestions to ensure the message are throughly communicated.
Any unrelated comments or posts that doesn't follow the format will be deleted.

Thank you.

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Hello Ninjas,

First of all, thank you for making an effort in giving suggestions and feedbacks to improve our beloved game Naruto Online.

I've noticed a lot of dissatisfaction and let down from players based on the feedbacks given and few other channels, but looking from a bright side it is good to see a caring community which strife to have this game improve over time, please keep this up.

However, recent incidents might have damage some of our efforts towards improvements whether you realize it or not and it took a toll from both our operation team itself and the players. By any means this method is totally wrong no matter which perspective you look at it. I envisioned for this community to grow and mature through time so we can move towards the betterment of this game and the experience it will provide for all of us.

With that, i will be closing this thread and start a new one for week 27th July events, hope to see your reviews/feedbacks there as well.


Naruto Online Operation Team.

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  • Tjun On 2017-07-21 16:46:26

  • Server : 490
    Region : EU
    Current BP :42k
    Events : Entire Anniversary

    Reasoning / Opinion : I'm sure you've already noticed, but the majority of the playerbase is very unhappy with these events. You've managed to turn a joyous occasion for celebration into a money-hungry recharge festival. All I was hoping for was for ONE single week, where F2P could enjoy the events to their hearts content. Instead you've managed to make it all about making money, AGAIN. This could have been such a good opportunity to show players you've actually changed, you made an event for us to convince our friends to come back? Who are you kidding? The first thing they'll see is 10 recharge and spending events. Get over yourselves. If i had it my way, this week would have contained Myoboku Trial, Ninja Exam and Survival Trial clearance, refinement event, and the weekend missions available everyday for the entire week. But who am I kidding, there's no way Mr Krabs at Oasis would go for that.

Weekend missions everyday would have been pretty cool It could have been like all the weekend with longer lasting Team Instance to :D that would have been cool :) also They took the trail from us and we missed those 8 gates lee frags for these anniversary events so i am still mad about that

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Server : 214
Region : HK
Current BP : 60K
Events : All anniversary event especially Froggy Deposit
Opinion : First I will say about recharges rebate and wheel is not in the same day. It was bad cause you need recharges so much. I did recharges on 20th July and wanna cry cause I think the wheel is same day. If same day will be more good.

Second is the froggy deposit, I calculated only 100 ingots deposit is worth enough to do than monthly pack return, the rest have soooo bad return, I don't like it. Better me buy monthly pack.

Third is summer pack. why we only can buy with ingots and takes so much of it... Like 3K ingots... rather waiting 7 Days Special to buy Sailor Sakura with coupons.

Fourth is the Platinum recharges. Get the bad (indecent) ninja Iruka

Reasoning : If the recharges rebate and the wheel is same day player who top up will happy cause get spinning too... my 1.2K ingots is waste on 20th July I can spin 12 times but no.

With monthly pack as compare thing with froggy deposit only 100 ingots one that more little worth.

Recharges 3K to get Sailor is so expensive. A VERY BAD event for F2P. On the Top of that I am almost F2P only buy monthly packs and the other little thing like 100 ingots froggy but that froggy is only worth a little.

With the current treasure and meta, it is very hard to find a spot for Iruka, a universal ninja which can suit into multiple type of strategy would serve better example : Hanzo.

Suggestions : Recharges rebate and wheel is same day. Summer packs can buy with coupons. Froggy deposit with requirement coupon. To replace Iruka with Hanzo fragments

All I can say is thank you so much for you attention... I am DISSAPOINTED with the anniv event really, only good for big spender paid player.

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  • Baba Yaka On 2017-07-26 21:54:30
  • Nope.. its still the same amount.. just too long pages

no it isnt since the amount of pages on the 3.0 preview are still 9 pages but nice try

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  • NaikoFig On 2017-07-26 21:51:32
  • oh look 6 pages of complaints disappeared what a suprise

Nope.. its still the same amount.. just too long pages

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oh look 6 pages of complaints disappeared what a suprise

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Server : 34
Region: HK
Current BP: 67K

Events: Mad Anniversary
Opinion: The reward is too low
Reasoning: If this is supposed to be an "Anniversary Event", it should be at least better than normal events. But what we got here is: Kakashi Pervert only 2*, 50000 coins, 1000 cultivation, 5 dangos, 2 Purify protection, 2 key, 1 lv3 magatama, 1 lv3 rune and 21 Water Guns. The total worth is just too small comparing to an event like Mobile Mission where the worth is ~2k coupon worth in medium refine.
Suggestions: Instead of coin, cultivation and dango, give the player something like 200 coupons, 5 advance refine, 10 medium refine, etc. Give lv5 magatama and lv5 rune too. The ninja c*so be 3*, it won't hurt anyone.

Events: Red Envelope
Opinion: The rebate value is too low
Reasoning: If this is also supposed to be an "Anniversary Event", it should be at least better than normal events. The normal worth for a recharge event is like in the Recharge Wheel which is at least 30% worth.
Suggestions: Increase the rebate rate to 30-40% or let it overlap with the upcoming Recharge Wheel.

Events: Platinum Recharge
Opinion: The reward for daily 300 ingot recharge is too low
Reasoning: 2 times before when we also had this event we were getting 80 frags of Bee which is ~6400 coupon worth. But now we only get 30 frags of Iruka which is ~1200 coupon worth
Suggestions: Replace Iruka with a better 3* ninja that worth the same as Bee (for example Hanzo, Sage Naruto, etc...)

Events: One Year Anniversary Ramen Shop
Opinion: Price of some items is too high
Reasoning: The price for medium refine, advance refine, advance thread in the normal shop is 25, 38, 63 respectively but here they are 30, 50 and 80 which is too expensive and very abnormal
Suggestions: Make the price for those items lower than in the normal shop, for example: 20, 32, 60

To other people in the thread: Be civil, do not be salty, be constructive and remember to give suggestion if you were to complain. If I were Oasis I won't read the salty, impolite and unconstructive comment either.
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Server :1
Region : NY
Current BP :60k
Events : Entire Anniversary

Most of the events are either for reacharging or either for spending ingots , which in my opinion is unfair .At the very least you could of made the summer packs buyable with coupons as well. But atleast you managed to get one thing right and that is the name of the Anniversary.

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Server : 94
Region : HK
Current BP : 61k
Events : Red Envelope

I May be the only person who sees it like this however I hate the business model of a p2p player buying ingot and then player who didnt spend money benefiting from my spending money I understand the idea behind wanting a group to get stronger but at the end of the day this is a competitive game and the idea of someone benefiting off me spending my money and them not having to do anything to get something that cost me money just feels unfair in a way if I wanted other people to get stronger off my money I would buy them ingots the reason p2p players top up is cause its how we stay ahead in the game and currently with the gap of a p2p to f2p the game in power is closing and Im not encouraged to top up when the gap is lessened even more when me spending my money to get ahead gives the other people who im paying to get ahead of more aswell
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Server : 490
Region : EU
Current BP :42k
Events : Entire Anniversary

Reasoning / Opinion : I'm sure you've already noticed, but the majority of the playerbase is very unhappy with these events. You've managed to turn a joyous occasion for celebration into a money-hungry recharge festival. All I was hoping for was for ONE single week, where F2P could enjoy the events to their hearts content. Instead you've managed to make it all about making money, AGAIN. This could have been such a good opportunity to show players you've actually changed, you made an event for us to convince our friends to come back? Who are you kidding? The first thing they'll see is 10 recharge and spending events. Get over yourselves. If i had it my way, this week would have contained Myoboku Trial, Ninja Exam and Survival Trial clearance, refinement event, and the weekend missions available everyday for the entire week. But who am I kidding, there's no way Mr Krabs at Oasis would go for that.
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  • BlinkitsGone On 2017-07-21 07:02:40
  • Example:-Server : 579
    Region : LA
    Current BP : 22k
    Events : All of the anniversary but Im going to talk about Platinum Recharge
    Opinion : Iruka shouldn't be in here. You went from Killer Bee (last time I recharged for event so that's the one I remember) to Iruka. Downgrade.
    Reasoning : Let's just talk about Sasuke. What the heck is going on here? 1 measly frag? 1 tiny frag a day for $40? Is this like a joke for you all and the real anniversary events are next week? Nobody is going to recharge 14000 ingots for 17 Susanoo Sasuke frags and if they do they are the minority. Maybe even the 1%. I get he's a super powerful ninja and one of the best at this time, but charging about $300 for not even a 1/4 of him is ridiculous. Then Iruka. He's good, but why not offer a better ninja? Someone that people can't easily get. You made Iruka a refine fragments choice and a choice whenever new servers open up. Im pretty sure who ever wanted to 5* him has him at 5 already or at least close. This is unnecessary.
    Suggestions : Why not make Sasuke 10 frags a day for 2000 or 2500 ingots and at the end of 7 days give us 20 so we'll be that more motivated to get him to 4*. In replace for Iruka why not throw in a Pain or have a Kage pack that doesn't give you the whole ninja, but at least close to the Ninja (ex: 30-40 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Hokage frags).
I agree for the most part but as far as Sus Sasuke is concerned he isn't even close to being top tier character he's not even in the bracket, in fact hes total * and mostly used to show off. What makes him so * is his kit + how costly he is. But somehow they still dare to shove it in p2w people's faces every now and then while ofc asking for an absurd amount of money in return. :lol
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Server : 407
Region : UK
Current BP : 52k

A forewrod before reviewing the events. This is the 1 year anniversary, it has been a catastrophy so far.
I'm gonna write about all the problems i saw in these events, but the bottom line is: There are no events that gave more value to players, f2p or paying users, in any of the events this week than what we usually get.

Due to the limited characters i have and the length of the post i will just say that the treasure+ seal rebate is good and appreciated. As well as the very nice Mysterious hunting reward who is probably all the mods idea and work. Thank you for that event it was enjoyable and one of the few good things from anniversary. Onto the bad ones now.

Events : "Naruto online ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY"
Opinion : This is almost the same, perhaps even a worse version, of time limited recruitment. Not an anniversary event.
Reasoning: There is a cap of 20 ramen we can get daily, so that means we can get 1470 points in total. However the RNG in this game is so bad, that getting 20 ramen every day is impossible without buying stamina or having stacked potions beforehand. The mechanic is the same as time limited recuitment but you actually have to pay specifically for the ramen. Adding insult to injury, the cost of the redeemable items is higher than in other events. Medium refines cost 3 rame (30 coupons) Advanced cost 5 (50 coupons), the shop without any rebate is already cheaper. Not to mention the redeem limit of 10 refines. Now onto the ninjas, Hidan at 210 coupons per fragment is its usual cost, only that in other events there is more value since we at least get something (ie lucky board, hell eve 9 tails strength). As it is the only thing I see when i look at the rewards is "GREED"
Suggestion: Remove the refine redeem cap for starters. Then either slash the ramen cost by half or increase the RNG drop of ramen and its daily cap as well.

Events : "Anniversary Red Envelope" + "Platinum Recharge" + "Shinobi Feast - Recharged Rewards"
Opinion : A triple recharge event would have been great for spending players (me included). BUT why oh why did the envelope and the shinobi feast were made so that they do not overlap? Not even on anniversay day. That is a slap to the face and feels like an insult to paying players. Besides the synergy between Platinum Recharge and the enveloppe is bad, total recharge rebate would have been better.
Reasoning: In the Envelope event we get a nice bonus during recharge and we actually get to give some coupons to other players. I was happy when i saw that and thought of recharging a fair amount of money for once but now i'd rather wait for a better week. But its better to recharge small amounts with platinum recharge which btw is not anniversary special or anything, same ninjas, same rewards, same 17 pieces of susanoo sasuke. Isn't this a special week? Adding insult to injury, The shinobi feast does not overlap with the envelope. So its not a triple recharge event, just a double recharge like it has been in other weeks. Not only this but we must choose between giving back to the group some coupons or waiting for the shinobi feast which has good value for recharge.
Sugestion: In this scenario Total recharge is better. Also the 3 events should have overlapped for at least 1 day.

Events : "Mad Anniversary"
Opinion : A pure f2p event with terrible rewards. Summer packs is an old event with no special rebate for anniversary.
Reasoning: A f2p event is nice, but the rewards are terrible. Not because of what they are, but because we have a total of 70 baloons during the event. A daily cap of 10 balloons. That is equivalent to a 5 medium threads. I find that insulting in anniversary week. The water gun gives the same rewards, more or less than activity lucky bag. But we get a lot less of them and we don't even get what the possible rewards from those are beforehand. Summer packs is also an issue, its not a new event but an old one which is not that good included in the anniversary event. Without any special characteristic that may warrant it being in anniversary.
Suggestion: Remove or increase the cap to 20-25 ballons daily. As it is this event feels like giving crumbs to starved people. For summer packs Call the event what it is, its name from the previous weeks, or increase the value of the packs.

Events : "Naruto's Froggy"
Opinion : Besides the low return at higher ingot investment, the wording of this event suggested players could recover their ingots. Poorly worded bad value event.
Reasoning: With 100 ingots you get 30 coupons, 6 random lvl 1 rune, 1.8 seal scrolls, 1.2 charms. With 500 ingots you get 100 coupons, 6 lvl 2 random runes, 2.4 seal scrolls and 1.8 charms. The difference is of 6 lvl 1 runes, 0.6 seal scrolls, 0.6 charms and 70 coupons. That difference it seems its worth 400 ingots. I got *ered into this event before doing the math, that's on me. But honestly such bad value for one of the few special events this week makes me feel as though i was cheated. Besides this the word "invest/deposit" is misleading, it has already been adressed but it is not the first time something like this happens. Pleas infor Oasis that they should double check the description for their events.
Suggestion: The wording issue was adressed. But the value should at least be proportional to what is invested, multiply by 4 the difference between the 100 and 500 ingot box, same for the other boxes. The rewards are poor.

Events : "Call for Duty"
Opinion : Besides being a niche event with very hard to get rewards it feels like a desperate way to repopulate servers dressed as a rewarding event for the remaining players.
Reasoning: Players who leave the game rarely stay in contact with the players of said game (except maybe, through discord). The only ones who might benefit are youtubers, and even they are not guaranteed anyting since it must be returning players! The good rewards need 5 or more people to come back, thats a lot of people. Also why should we ask them to return? specially in a week like this one.
Suggestion: For once i'm gonna suggest removing this event completely. Replace it with anything you want, it will be better either way.

Events : "Daily Packs"
Opinion : The cost/reward ratio is even worse than before.
Reasoning: I will admit that these packs were liked by very few people before. I actually thought the 10 and 20 ingot packs where good value. The community wanted something better and while the cost was reduced, the value of the items diminished even more. The 1 ingot pack is useless to every player in the game after 1 week. The second pack has a 50/50 chance of being good value, maybe depends on rng drop of seal frags and coins. The third is just bad like before. We dont even get coins + a random drop, now the coins are a possible random drop!
Suggestion: Increase the value of the items, even if you have to increase the cost in ingots. Don't make the cost/benefit ratio smaller.

Events : "Consumption Wheel"
Opinion : This event brings bad memories in *ready bad week. We do not know the rng of this thing and it shouldn't be trusted.
Reasoning: Last time this wheel was here it was rigged to the point where the pool size got over 40k coupons. Yesterday the pool got to over 15k coupons but today it is at 9k coupons. I do data science and know how random numbers work, this behavior is abnormal from the syste where a part of the ingots you spend on the wheel get added to the pool while at the same time people can get a percentage of the pool with a ucky spin. This behavior results, after a sufficient number of spins, in a balance where the pool size remains more or less the same (with probably 1-2k coupons error margin). Unless the number of free spins is HUGE and the chances of getting coupons are decent, then i find this behavior strange. But will wait and see how it changes during the whole event

Suggestion: I don't trust this event at all. We should at least get the chances for each item on the wheel in order to have some faith in it.

Events: Survival Trial mission + Ninja Mission
Opinion: Free stuff given as damage control is appreciated, but it won't quell the players this time.
Reasoning: Players wanted a special anniversary week. This time around is not only f2p that complain about the lack of events in which they can participate, or how they want more stuff. Its the big ajority of the playerbase, p2p p2w and f2p, who are angry for all the above mentionned reasons. We didn't want more f2p events, we wanted good anniversary events.
Suggestion: Mods have limited to no power i get that. Don't sugar coat things this time. This anniversary is a failure, a train wreck and it only increased the toxicity between the community and ,probably, the number of players quitting the game. Tell that to Oasis, the truth.
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Server : 291-306 merged one
Region : UK
Current BP : 60K
Event: Red Envelope
Opinion : The idea is not bad but the ratios are ridiculously low.
Reasoning : 10% to distribute to people in your group is a very very low amount. Let's say your group have no whales but only moderate spenders like mine. I cash for 2000 ingots (that for me or for other cashers in my group is a big quantity), what do we get? 200 coupons to give to people in the group and if i give it to 10 people they are just a miserable 20 coupons each one. Even if my group had 10 people that did it (and is not so for any group in my merged server whose population is not low at all) the result would be 200 coupons for 10 people in a week. For an anniversary event overall an event not friendly at all towards moderate cashers like me, this seems a joke, considering that last week for free we were able to gain 420 coupons from myoboku event.
Suggestions : Increase the ratio for distribution from 10 to 50 if not 100%, remove the minimum quantity of 10 coupons and let it last the whole week.

Event: naruto's froggy
Opinion: the payback is way too low and the higher tiers aren't appealing at all.
Reasoning: if I'm willing to cash 5000 ingots unless is my first time for me magatamas are completely useless even if level 5. The only reasonable one for a moderate casher like me was the 100 ingots one and even if i was able to get the 500 and 1000 if i wanted i didn't do because the rewards became worse in comparison with the expense. Maybe you don't get that we give zero value to level 1, 2, 3 magatamas when our ones are all level 5+ in every slot. The idea of seal fragments and charm packs fragments was good but i expect that if i spend 100 ingots and i get back in a week 1.8 seal scrolls and 1.2 charm packs then, if i spend 500 i get back at least 5 times that quantity and not less than twice.
Suggestions: let us get also the coupons every day and increase the ratio of the good things. Magatamas are not good things
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Server : 105
Region : UK
Current BP : 63.4K
Events : Anniversary Events
Opinion : For p2w is an awesome week, for f2p this "anniversary" events are worse than most regular weeks
Reasoning : If you are willing to recharge and spend up tp $800 USD, you can get so much value back it's crazy, truly a paradise. Too bad most of us can't afford such extravaganzas.
But if you are a free player this week is just bad, there is barelly any events we can participate and the ones we can are crap.
30 Kakashi MOP frags? at least give the 80 for a 3 star since there are no other ways at the moment to get him.
The ramen event gives only 10 points each day (70 during the week) so unless you spend lots of cuppons you can get nothing of value, and even if you spend the price of the ninjas is still too high.
Battle armor rebate is still the best one and is a remenant of last weeks events.
Summer wars, a week worth only 70 points, so 5 medium threads and 1 mood scroll, that is crap for a week worth of work put into the game.
Call for Duty is crap, first it requires you to know a lot of people that stopped playing, and even if you do, the restrictions are crazy. Also once someone is given the code and follow it, the browser will change it to the regular login and no rewards will be received at all.
Forum event didn't allow me to redeem my code as well, yay, see a pattern?
2 new events were added, Ninja mission and Survival mission, although they are free stuff (and welcomed) the benefit compared to other events is still subpar, not to mention not related to an anniversary week.

All in all, for anniversary week i would rate this event week a 2/10 if it were a regular week maybe a 5/10. But for a special date as this you just gave 80% of your database a huge middle finger as reward for us putting will all the shady stuff you have been putting in the past year. At least you were consistent in keep doing so.

At least you could have added a shop update since we haven't had any since March 13th, or an event that if we participate all week we get a free outfit. Or better yet a month long event like other versions had that if you log in and stay online for 30 min you get a free 5 star ninja (could have been Kakashi MOP) and some decent cuppons.
As you see it's not difficult to come up with decent stuff for an anniversary event.

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Example:-Server : 145
Region : NY
Current BP : 30K
Events : Call For Duty
Opinion : This event is impossible lol
Reasoning : People quit the game out of frustration and other things. I don't think I can call anyone back.
Suggestions : An event with rewards for those still playing. I don't know, maybe some login rewards like with Myoboku or Mad Anniversary. I know you guys are stingy with ninja but what about adv runes or maybe charm fragments. Maybe mood scrolls since they are never going back to the wheel.

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server: 24
Region: NY
Current BP: 49k
Events to rant about: (The Worst) Red Envelope, Naruto Froggies, and Platinum recharge.
All these events cost money, and thus are not really worthwhile for the vast majority of the playerbase. This event makes even less sense in servers that have population issues. As for red envelopes... I find it sad that you have to hand them out yourself. Still, happy 1 year I guess

Personalized rant: Call to Duty
This event is very poorly designed. If someone has left the game for over a week, the chances of them returning are very low. This event also provides no benefits to those who do decide to return, thus the poor design.

Sadness incarnate: Madness anniversary: Kakashi MoP? this is a really sad reward as it does very little in terms of the current playstyle, and serves as an odd combination of Iruka and Mabui. The fact that he is a 2* ninja makes it all the worse, as no long term player will see a point in him. Apart from that, there are no options for seal scrolls/summon scrolls. A real pity.
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