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[ Lineup ] Midnight Blade(Lightning Main)


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Hey guys,Im lookin for a good lineup for midnightblade or even scarlet blaze Im around a average power but still get destroyed cause of team lineups that make the team I use almost useless. See if anyone can be able to assist me in my dilema.Thanks for help
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How is the average power on your server?

I use ProtoZero's Clone Team, which is a good way to flood the floor with clones and allow you to maximize damage while using the clones as a buffer and as a small damage boost.
This team becomes less viable the stronger you become, as you won't be able to stop people's mysteries. You c*ually burst kill people, but people like Tobi, who can dodge mysteries and Earth Mains, who are uncombo-able, become huge annoyances.

Another good team is Kyutaru's Vampire Midnight Blade. This team has only gotten stronger with Tsunade being thrown into the mix. I usually only use this team in survival to heal up, but it's also a solid team to use in the main game. You heal an absurd amount by attacking, compounded by both Gai and your main's leech skill.
As with any team, there are weaknesses. The big weakness here is that Hinata is the bane of your existence. She basically shuts down any attacks every 3 rounds and stops you from healing, which is a big problem as neither Gai nor your main are tanks and need that leech. The other weakness are debuffs. With the meta of the game moving towards Tobi and GNW Kank, they'll ignite the * out of you, stopping your ability to heal. This can be bypassed by moving faster than them, or using Sakura to clear debuffs with her mystery

The last team that I'm recommending is one that I patched together to stop annoying Fire Mains with Tobi in Survival Trial. I don't know if somebody else has also come up with it, but maybe I should post it as a thread before somebody else does. Basically, if you can't beat 'em, join em. This team uses a Tobi to counter Tobi's.
Weakness are that you don't have a healer that can properly remove debuffs, so you need to get rid of DPS threats and CCers as soon as possible. Also, if Hinata dies, your team falls apart. Luckily, this team does its best to prevent that by crippling your opponent.

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