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[ Player Guide ] Shima Red Summon


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Hey Guys

I'll be looking at whether using breakthrough stones on the recently released Shima summon is worth it.

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The initial Free Mystery is not worth using. It falls short when compared to other summon options. I have personally tested both the 5 and 10 stone options in arena and found them to be pretty effective, even being better than Katsuyu depending on whether you have debuff clearers or non-immune units on your team. By stealing a standard and potentially causing blindness to an enemy's position 1, you gain a significant advantage in arena battles. However, it is important to note that outside of arena battles, spider has an edge due to the initiative nerf

If you want to check the Stats for Shima (and all red summons) Click Here

I hope this guide helps you make a decision. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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Thanks for the guide. I appreciate you :)

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