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[ Bugs ] Shinobi Feast


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No idea if this pack was there before since I didn't recharge in a bit but was checking packs today and are we positive this one looks like it's supposed to?

Obviously I am talking about 80 Asura / Obito frags vs 100 Jirayia etc frags shouldn't it be 180 otherwise it doesn't make any sense?

If this pack was like this for a long time then my bad it's not a bug but just a humble suggestion to "fix" it.

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I checked back through all the Shinobi Feasts we've had in the last 18 months, and the debut of this one was in December. It was indeed the same pack, and doesn't seem to have been changed in that time. The pack that preceded it (IV) had a similar breakdown with JTC.

I'll submit the suggestion for you to have the JTC fragments improved in line with the other rewards.

Thanks and have a great day!

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If you believe there is an issue with the pack pricing, you may want to contact the game's customer support team or the developer to inquire about it or suggest a correction.

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