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Gamabunta summon strat with Genma


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Hey guys today i tried the summon with Genma what i did was i used Temari which her ninjutsu scales +12% per chase so..

1+2+3+4+5+6+6+6+6+6=45*12%=540% boost ( stacking ) from her chase which is caused by my Fire main summon chase.

same goes from Combo chase for extra 540% boost = 1080% boost ninjutsu at 10 round.

Also i used also main with Unparalleled talent. 200% boost ninjutsu at round 10 + 20% talent + heal to survive all rounds ofc.

i have some questions. i surrounded when genma chased his combo chase( he chases last ) but it went to full hp and i got 40 couponds. Do i have to make sure i combo last move at last round ? I think i did something like 10 m damage can someone translate this to couponds please?

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Group Summon Capture caps at 40 coupons per fight. Two fights equals 80 coupons.

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