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[ Suggestions ] Zenith [Full Potential]


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I am here again to suggest. (seems like I still have some businesses here to attend to. lol)

We all know that Zenith is a very good event to showcase one's ability to form a team and compete with other players regardless of the server status, level status, overall player stats. With a very limited time to prepare and face the opponent.

As I've notice Summons are set in the fairest way possible. I was able to use monkey king even if I only have 3 gold summons atm (without link MS). Nothing much to say about this, this is a pretty good set-up :)

My only concern is that people tend to get weary to even try to participate given that oldest players out there have all the main characters' enhanced skills. I totally get that they earned it, fair and square, I will give them that. But the thing is, we can't actually see zenith as full as fair competition for such reason.

Just to show what I mean:

Breezefor example can cause ignition from Big ball Fire MS (which is pretty spammable each turn) which makes the scarlet's Genjutsu - Mirror return passive not that useful. In early zenith fights we all know how useful Mirror return was. (and so many more)


Now I am not here to complain. I just wanna ask if there is a possibility that we can have an arena where players are all equal and can compete with each other knowing they are fully equipped with the same gear. Zenith is the closest to that experience that is why I ask for a consideration to improve Zenith.

Here is what I am thinking:

1. Either all characters have the same fixed normal unenhanced skills, or

2. All characters have the same enhanced skills unlocked [ just like in cases of the summon Mysteries :) ]

Thank you!

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Hello, Edward,
To be clear, you're asking for a version of Arena more similar to Zenith where everything is unlocked, creating a more fair experience. Is that accurate?

How would you handle Initiative?

What about disparate ninja selections? This seems to be more of a key component to winning than summons.

Many people have suggested allowing zenith training mode to be unlocked at all times, would this be of interest to you?

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No no, sorry for the confusion. I mean, I just want to suggest that our current Zenith be improved.

The only thing missing in our current Zenith tournament to fully achieve fair fights between server 1 to current server is the main character's different version of skills (some has yet to unlock enhancements). So other mechanics such as initiative (based on chosen ninjas and all) would still be the same.

Altho if not feasible, or if rejected, I would understand. No pressure haha

Thank you for your response @Mod Tachibana.

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For zenith training mode, I think it could work too if it will be unlocked at all times. But I don't mind at all since Zenith training is available during the 5 days opening of Zenith tournament. I think that is enough time to train before the actual tournament. Either works just fine :)

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