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[ Lineup ] Need help with arena


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I need a good team for ranked in arena, and i am awful at team building

if anyone could help would be very much appreciated

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A really typical team you could use is Naruto SOSP, Hiruzen [3rd Hokage], and AC Kakuzu. Fire, wind, or even earth main would work for this team. Basically, Naruto does what he always does, Hiruzen dies and then takes a chunk of one of the opponent's health, Kakuzu revives him, repeat.

If you want some more interesting teams:

Pos 1 Sasuke Rinnesharingan, pos 2 Karin Taka, pos 3 Main (lightning, fire or earth), pos 4 Nagato. Make sure your main has a way to get chakra for Sasuke (Earth main's shield mystery, fire main's bani chakra, for lightning main you could do lightning armor for the mystery and calm mind for the standard).

P1 Zabuza Ronin, p2 Kisame Samehada, p3 Suigetsu Taka, p4 lightning Main. Talents: 3,3,2,2,3. Summon: Kamatari (or Demon Fox when you get it).

P1 Shisui Susano, p2 Hashirama NY, p3 fire main, p4 Tsunade Reserve Seal. Talents: 3 or 4 (up to you),3, 3, 2, 2. Summon: Lightning Tiger King. It's best if you can go first with Shisui and interrupt opponents (especially opposing SOSP) and lock their mystery cooldown, but if you realize in round 1 you are gonna be slower, you can wait, let Naruto mystery and if he kills Shisui then use Tsunade to revive and use his mystery.

If you really want your opponents to hate you, you can run p1 Naruto SOSP, p2 Taka Karin, p3 main (fire, water, or wind), and p4 Tsunade Reserve Seal.

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This is what I'm currently using. If you have naruto and kisame full bt it'll be better. Any main works

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