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One of them is about mods, other is about sharing people with replies in posts.

1. Can moderators delete posts shared months ago with user's request?

2. I want to learn what people think about my skillbreak ideas but I want to do it in replies section with many people as many as possible. I moved those posts to Bugs & Support but talking about them sounds more like ''General Discussion'' thing to me I put my posts' link from Bugs & Support in here and talk or I just overthink and can actually do it in mentioned section?

If first question's answer is yes, I have a request for this section's moderators: Please delete my posts from past months in General Discussion. I will also request it from Bugs & Support moderators. I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Think of it as a new beginning for me.

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And I can't complete my edit...It's not ''Sharing people''. It is ''talking with people''. Sorry.

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To answer your questions:

1. Yes, we can close and/or delete any threads in this Forum as per the request of the author. However, you should give us a valid reason for doing it. In your case, if that's what you wish then I will look into it and review your threads and will delete it if it's all good.

2. You may actually create a thread here about your Skillbreak Ideas. However, please make sure that you will word your introduction carefully and make it clear that your topic is purely for discussion only whereas you and other users can share ideas and brainstorm to put up the best Skillbreak for your ninjas. Otherwise, it will be closed or deleted if the topic shows suggesting it to our team.

Thank you.

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