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[ Bugs ] Question about wait global


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Wait global is back on Zenith. Is it triggered, when somebody gets 2 fights in Zenith in 1 hour making players wait till next hour starts? Or why it's triggered while it goes away, when hour is changed to next one? I have happened to notice it's most often when wait golbal message in Zenith goes away. If that's the case, why are we forced to wait till we can start next fight? No other PVP makes players wait for long times before next try. Only ones that have waiting mechanics are short-time ones, longest being Rogue ninja outbursts 5 minutes between waves. Just saying that I know about those ones.

To those who don't yet know what I'm talking about, you can get "wait global" message when trying to enter Zenith. It stops you from entering until it goes away. Waiting seems to be only way to deal with it, since refreshing the game, clearing catches, etc won't seem to help with that.

Edit: Zenith has limited time to be done, so making us wait seems wasting valuable event time, if my guess really is right...

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Hello, I will once again report that this issue is back. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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