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A wonderful day to celebrate our Foundation: Naruto Online 4th Anniversary Event


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Celebrating Naruto Online EN’s 4th Year Anniversary - Shinobi Creative Arts/Writing Contest! - Period: July 16th - July 21st

Greetings to everyone!

Today is such a wonderful time to sit back and relax while having fun playing games. But what's more exciting thing to do is to read stories and browse images about Naruto and his buddies. But stories around the internet are just the same old ones so, why don't we make new one, right?

[How to Participate]

Each player must choose between two categories. Creative Writing Event and Creative Arts Event.

Creative Writing - Create a story about Konoha Village's preparation for the Anniversary celebration. The story should contain Minato Namikaze as the Main Character of the story. It may include some obstacles, incidents, and other twists that will make the story thrilling and fun.

Creative Arts - Create an original piece of art, either Traditional or Digital. The image should contain Minato Namikaze as the main character together with other shinobi, depicting a joyful scene as they are preparing for the Anniversary.

Please also include your Server ID and UID on the image (Click Here!)




We will be picking 10 winners

1st Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x4

2nd Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x4

3rd Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x4

4th to 10th Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x1

Reminder: Please make sure to submit the correct information to qualify for rewards.

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Thank you,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Creative Arts :

じゃしん (@anee_naruto_aizen) • Instagram photos and videos - Opera 7_19_2020 5_15_12 PM (2)

IGN: じゃしんJashin

UID: 300062359714759


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In-Game Name: Chloe

Server: 530

UID: 200000106280979


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In-Game Name: Aniki

Server: S1505-Peace Prayer

UID: 300051462688743

Creative writing :

It was a warm sunny day, the surroundings were filled with excitement and happiness people working hard as usual and everyone doing their jobs.

Konoha anniversary season was about to come and the village is about to have a festival so everyone is planning to contribute to the festival and working on it.

It was the era when Minato Namkikaze is about to become the fourth Hokage in a few weeks after the anniversary.

I was a close friend to Minato and always wanted to know more about him. One day I and Minato went out for a security patrol around the Konoha village to check everything is alright.

We were delighted to see everyone trying there best so that they can make the anniversary celebration as good as possible.

Suddenly a mysterious smoke came from south Konoha and everybody was panicking there. We went to south Konoha as soon as possible of course Minato is way faster and reached there in an instant.

By the moment I reached there I was astonished to see Minato lying there unconscious and I was wondering just who could be the enemy to defeat Minato in such a short time.

I tried my best to bring Minato to the nearest hospital and waited for him to wake up. Few hours went by and Minato wake up. The moment he wakes he was nervous and asked what happened to him.

I said you were unconscious for a couple of hours. Minato was fast and say it's time to go. I said we should not rush and strategize first. Minato told us he saw the enemy but the air was filled with

mysterious smoke which can cause instant sleep. It was high-level ninjutsu so we tried to counter it by putting a chakra layer on our face to filter out the air.

We rushed at the enemy site and saw him destroying a shop. Minato used Hiraishin and put his kunai on the enemy neck and said you are coming with us.

The enemy was a weird-looking guy with scrolls all over his body. I have a bad feeling about it and shouted Minato to getaway. The guy instantly unleashed a huge amount of mysterious smoke from his scrolls

and disappeared. We then saw fireball ninjutsu and Lightning style ninjutsu in the sky approaching us at high speed. Minato used Hiraishin and got in front of me and use his Rasengan to counter the enemy ninjutsu. Minato located the enemy and used Hiraishin towards the enemy and unleashed a massive Rasengan on his back. The enemy was a goner by the moment but the Rasengan got absorbed in one of his scrolls that were all over the enemy body. Minato retreat immediately and said so basically those scrolls can absorb any ninjutsu and enemy could use them later as he wishes.

It was a weird technique no one knew it is one of the forbidden ninjutsu which was sealed long ago cause Minato said those scrolls take a large amount of chakra and make your brain go berserk.

Minato said to defeat him we have to rely on taijutsu attacks but that thick smoke blocks the sight which makes it hard to hit him. I said to Minato I think we can defeat him. I told Minato

that I was working on secret ninjutsu which can make a certain enemy body glow in any particular color but for it to work I have to touch the enemy skin and put a seal on him.

Minato said that he will create an opening for him. We created the plan and rushed towards the enemy. I acted as bait and lure the enemy towards me. The enemy was careless and got in one of our

traps and got paralyzed. I rushed to touch his leg but the moment I was about to touch a huge burst of smoke and fire ninjutsu came out of enemy scrolls. That was close and I would have taken serious damage if Minato would have not saved me. Then I gave Minato a special kunai which have my secret ninjutsu seal on it. I again acted as bait and lure the enemy toward's me the enemy was kind of berserk so he does not understand much and came towards me not noticing our plan. I threw a Hiraishin kunai over his head and a yellow flash was there with a Rasengan is all I could see.

But the Rasengan was absorbed and Minato throws another kunai to relocate himself. Rasengan's job was to clear the mist for a moment which it did and Minato punched the enemy and successfully used my kunai on his barefoot. At that moment the pain made the enemy go rage and he started throwing all the ninjutsu along with a huge amount of mist he stored in all directions. We got back for a moment.

After that, I used my secret ninjutsu and the enemy started to glow bright green. Minato smiled and gave the enemy a nice beating. I was almost on my limit for the secret Jutsu and focus on everything I had but then I see the face of death as the enemy transformed each of his scrolls in one direction and shoot a massive 5 elemental beam towards me. Minato shouts as loud as possible to get away but unfortunately, my chakra was already at its limit and my face chakra filter was gone which caused me instant sleep. I was like it's over for me. But I said NO not yet, not yet I keep uttering it and dragged myself as much as I can but It was too late I could see the 5 color beam it was beautiful. I closed my eyes. And then I heard "Hiraishin LVL 2".

By the time I opened my eyes I was in a hospital lying on a bed. Minato was filled with joy to see me alright but then I asked how did he save me. He said before starting the final

battle he put a Hiraishin seal on my body which let him teleport towards me instantly and the moment he touched me instantly used another Hiraishin just right behind the enemy and as the enemy was having all his scrolls in one direction Minato used his Rasengan to knock the enemy down. I was awestruck hearing it and said you deserve to be a Hokage and thanked him for saving his life.

The battle is over and I was fully recovered. The Anniversary finally came I was excited to join it and have lots of fun. Minato invited me and we both enjoyed the festival to the fullest.

Later I investigated and found out the enemy was one of Orochimaru's experiments.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Here placeholder, I'm trying to write up something creative and hopefully interesting story but my juices ain't flowing XD

Creative Writing - Create a story about Konoha Village's preparation for the Anniversary celebration.

The story should contain Minato Namikaze as the Main Character of the story.

It may include some obstacles, incidents, and other twists that will make the story thrilling and fun.

Ehhh, there is no Minato Namikaze in my story yet, and no Konoha Village's prep for Anniversary celebration..

but oh well. I might edit in later or you can count my story out, no matter XD

Server ID is S850 Anbu Scroll > and UID is 300016887689340 !! > IGN is Tombolock ~~ !!

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server s280 shuriquen combo


UID : 200000095529196.


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Creative Writing

It was a summer season and Tsunade was the Fifth Hokage and she decided to celebrate Anniversary of all Shinobis after Fourth great ninja war.there all shinobis went to the South Konoha to see some Stuff like Firework candles and fire crackles. Suddenly a bomb blasted on some buildings and then Naruto and others reached towards that. When they reached, they saw that someone wearing black cloak costume and face hidden in that cloak, that person was behind those bomb blasting.Naruto asked that person "Who are you? ". Suddenly that person vanished. After that Tsunade summoned naruto and others and ordered them to find that person and also give them a mission to Help a lady in convoy. Naruto and others went to that lady helped a lady. Her name was "Sakumo" .During Convoy they saw that man who bomb blasted on those buildings and Kakashi and sakura chased after that guy and when they caught that person. They saw that man face was little bit burned and some scars on his face and he used Fire style: burning jutsu to escape from them. and he couldn't succeed in escaping and naruto asked him again,"Who the hell are you???" he said that his name is "Fujino" and then naruto asked him," why did you blasted on those building" Fujino said,"I was looking for a person that murdered my little brother and my whole family brutally.When i founded i killed that guy" Naruto asked,"You had to tell us and look for that guy You killed other people too" then they take Funjino to Hokage office and Tsuande said "You are guilty because you have killed other innocent people too You will be trapped in Jail forever" and that was Tsuande final decesion and after that military konoha police sent that person to jail After that everyone lived normally.

In-Game Name:DeathSoul

Server:S556 Roshi four tails


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In-Game Name: Fern

Server: 328

UID: 200000098607676

Creative writing

“It’s a boy!” a joyful glee heard from a nurse. Minato was thankful that the delivery was safe. Overjoyed, he tried to hold his son, Naruto, but suddenly got yelled.

“Hands off you! Mother first.” After hearing those words, Minato was in a frown, but quickly understands and let her wife, Kushina see the baby first.

After all the hard work, this was a perfect gift for them. Minato approached Kushina and told her:

“Thank you.”

The tone of his voice is filled with emotions. Minato still couldn’t believe he became a father to this day.

After a little moment of happiness, Minato would never forget his duty. To protect Kushina and to take care of the nine tails.

He was about to seal the nine tails inside of Kushina, but he suddenly heard noise from outside. A cry of an old woman, and a cry of a child.

Minato was about to check, but everything was too late.

A masked man, whole body fully covered with his cloak. And the person that he held was no other than their son, Naruto.

His own son was held on as a hostage.

Then, the masked man spoked.

“Fourth Hokage, Minato. Step away from the Jinchuriki. Or else this child will die in its first minute.”

Of course, Minato was in panic, but also got concern at the same time.

“Have I seen this man before?” Minato asked his self. “Is he-”

“Ah!” he heard a painful grunt from Kushina. Before Minato even noticed, the seal was appearing in Kushina’s body.

The masked man, told Minato again.

“Get away from the Jinchuriki.”

“Wait! Please! Let’s stay calm!” Minato begged the masked man. He couldn’t think straight. He was in panic. Both his wife and his son’s life are in line.

The masked man couldn’t wait enough. He knew how much Minato loves his wife.

As a bait, the masked man threw Naruto up and was about to kill him.

“Naruto!” Kushina shouted. Minato saved his son by using the flying raijin. As he held Naruto in his arms, he heard a noise coming from Naruto’s cloth. And then there, he realized, an explosive tag was attached to it.

Before it explodes, Minato directly removed the cloth from Naruto’s body and managed to save him.

After landing to a safe place, he muttered, “He forced me to use the flying raijin jutsu.” He pick a little piece of wood and flipped it. “Gotta hurry.”

On the other hand, the masked man finally captured Kushina. His plan was going well, the bait was a success.

Kushina didn’t have any strength left. She just gave birth to Naruto, and during the delivery, the nine tailed fox was trying to get out of her.

The masked man told Kushina. “I am going to extract the nine tails from you. And crush the Leaf.”

Kushina was shocked after hearing these words. What did the hidden leaf do to this man? To the point, it’s seeking revenge, yet, cold blooded.

“The nine tails seal is weakened dure to childbirth.” He continued. And then, the masked man suddenly asked her.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waited for this moment?”

The nine tails inside of Kushina, knew this person. “It’s you.” The nine tailed fox muttered.

The masked m*ed his sharingan to control the nine tailed fox. This, was an another success.

The seal of the nine tailed fox is gone. The nine tails was now extracted by the masked man. All the power of the nine tailed fox, was now on his hands.

After the extraction, Kushina was so weak to the point she can’t either walk or stand up. She let herself dropped to the ground, and lying.

“Good.” The masked man was satisfied. “Now we’ll head to the Hidden Leaf Village.” He was about to step up of the place. But he stopped.

“You Uzumakis are amazing.” He praised Kushina, yet, it was filled with evil content. “You don’t die right away when the tailed beast is extracted.” He continued.

Kushina looked up and was surprised the nine tailed fox will kill her. Before even the hands of the nine tailed beast lands on Kushina’s body, Minato arrived and saved her on time.

The masked man was mesmerized by Minato’s arrival. “You really are quick as a flash. But you are too late.” The masked man told him.

While Minato held Kushina in his arms, Kushina pleaded.

“They’re heading to the village. Stop them.”

Minato didn’t think any second thoughts. He directly teleported to the place where he kept Naruto safe.

“Why?” Kushina asked. “Nevermind about me. Just stay with naruto.” Minato replied.

Minato put Kushina to the bed, beside Naruto. Naruto was sleeping, wasn’t disturbed by any cir*stances.

As Kushina saw Naruto, she puts her hand on Naruto’s cheek. Hugging him, and was crying. Tears overflowed on her face. They weren’t tears of sadness. It was tears of happiness and joy. She felt safe as she held Naruto. “Naruto..” Kushina was happy.

Minato didn’t waste any time. He grabbed his flying raijin kunai and wore with hokage cloak.

“I’ll be right back.” Minato promised.

War is always there. Minato fought the masked man with all his might to protect the village, his beloved wife, and his beloved son.

The masked man retreated; Minato went to the place where he keep both Kushina and Naruto. And where he teleported the nine tailed beast.

Minato used the death reaper seal, Kushina intervened and joined Minato. Both of them bid farewell after giving their last words to their son.

Suddenly, Minato felt warm. “What is this?” he asked his self. He slowly opened his eyes, it was bright, but it doesn’t blind his eyes. “Where am I?” he stood up. After looking from his surroundings, he realized, he was in Konoha.

“How am I still alive?” he questioned his self. “DAD!” Minato heard a yell. When he looked back, he was suddenly in a room. “Dad! Help me! Mom’s going to kill me!!” a young lad, at the age of either 15 or 16, hugged Minato. This boy had a yellow like Minato’s. “Don’t you go there! You’re dad’s still sl-” A beautiful woman with her long red hair came in his room. “Minato! You should have told me that you’re awake.”

Minato couldn’t believe it. “Dad, please tell mom I am not going to do it again.” The boy hugging him still whines. “K-Kushina?” Minato called her with a cracked voice.

“What?! Why is your face like you seen a ghost?!” Kushina clenches her fists as if she’s ready to punch someone. “DAD! HELP ME!” the boy was begging. “Dad, PLEASE!” the boy hugging looked up to him. Minato began to see his face. A pair of blue eyes, on his cheeks, had 3 lines, which might signify as “whiskers”.

“Are you.. Naruto?” Minato asked the boy. “DAD! Do you think this is the perfect time for a joke?!” he still whined. Kushina’s mood changed. Instead of being angry, she became concerned. Kushina noticed something’s wrong with Minato. “Minato, why do you look pale?” she asked.

Minato didn’t still believe it. Again and again, he keeps questioning, “Why am I here?” “How am I still alive?”

“Geez, I told you not to overwork yesterday.” Kushina puts her hand on Minato’s forehead to check if he had fever. “Yesterday?” Minato asked. “You were helping Granny Tsunade for the whole day and you were soaked when you got home because it was heavily raining yesterday.” Naruto answered. “Fifth Hokage to you!” Kushina punched Naruto. “Ow!” he was in pain.

“Fifth Hokage? So does that mean, I am a retiree?” Minato murmured. “Minato, you look tired today, why don’t we go out and have fun?” Kushina smiled. “Fun? What’s the occasion?” Minato asked. “Dad, are you okay?” Naruto was concerned. “I-I am okay. I am just tired.” Minato faked a smile.

“I am going to check something outside first. Naruto, you clean the living room.” “Eh?” Naruto complained. Kushina looked at Naruto with a deadly glare. “R-roger!” and he rushed to the living room.

Minato was confused. He didn’t understand anything at all. But then, a dark figure showed up. They wore a mask.

“Who are you?!” Minato asked the masked figure. “Instead of thanking me, you treat me this way. As expected.” The masked figured scoffs. “Thanking you?” Minato grabbed his flying raijin kunai. “Minato?!” Kushina was shocked. She ran towards Minato and hugged him. “Minato, are you really okay?” Kushina asked him.

Minato was finding that masked figure, but they’re nowhere to be found. “I-I was just practicing a new jutsu!” Minato had to lie so she won’t get su*ious. “But, Minato.” Kushina’s eyes are teary at the moment. “It’s impossible that you will create a new jutsu.” Kushina told him. “What do you mean?” Minato asked. “You don’t have chakra anymore.” She replied.

“What?” Minato was speechless. But he had to play his self like a fool. “Ah, no! I was just joking around.” Minato wanted to cheer up Kushina.

“MOM! DAD! The festival’s starting!” Naruto shouted. Both of them went outside and looked at the streets. Confetti everywhere, music playing and it’s lively.

Everyone in Konoha was happy. Minato looked at his wife, Kushina was smiling so bright. “Maybe she forgot about what happened.” Minato thought.

“Minato.” Kushina called him. “Yes?” Minato replied, and suddenly got a kiss from Kushina. “WOAH?!” Naruto was confused about what happened. “Hehehe, mom, I don’t know you’re this naughty.” Naruto teased his mom.

“Ah, life is good. How I wished it will be like this.” Minato thought. At this point, Minato finally understood everything. This masked figure, used Tsukuyomi.

And everything in Minato’s sight was fading, and went to eternal black. There, he met the masked figure again. “Now, are you satisfied, Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze?” they asked. Minato nodded. He thought this person, is not evil, but a kind one. For Minato, this illusion was a blessing.

“Who are you?” Minato asked. The masked figure didn’t say a word. “What you did while you’re alive was nothing compared to this.” They answered. “It’s sad when you have to die after your son’s birth.” And the masked figure disappeared.

4TH Great Ninja War Timeline

Naruto finally bonded with Kurama, and their powers become one. Then, Naruto, said something to Kurama. “You know, I had a dream. A dream where my father and mother are still alive and was still here. It was a festival, an anniversary when Konohagakure was created. It’s funny my father doesn’t remember anything at all while I was having that dream.” Naruto cried.

After all the hard work of all shinobis, all the reincarnated ones are now going to be disappeared. “Dad!” Naruto called Minato. “What is it? Naruto.” Minato replied. Naruto took a deep breath and told him” I had a dream, it’s pretty weird. You and mom were there. There’s a festival going on in Konoha and-” unable to finish his own sentence, Minato patted his head. “Naruto, do you remember everything what happened on that dream?” Minato asked. Naruto looked up and saw Minato smiling. “I do!” Naruto replied. “It’s the only dream that I won’t forget. It’s precious to me.” Naruto looked down, he felt sad. “The festival actually happened 5 months ago. So…” Naruto’s voice cracked. “Naruto, that dream you had, is what I’ve seen after I died.” Naruto was shocked upon hearing this.

“I am sorry if I didn’t make it up until now.” Minato apologized. “But I’ll promise, I’ll protect you, no matter what.” Minato smiled.

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Category: Creative Arts

IGN: Speedwagon

Server ID: 1392

UID: 300011764624128


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category: Creative Arts

UID : 300006542681558

Server: 1330

IGN: AktAeolia (first three letters stylized)


Hope this drawing makes you smile! Minato, Kushina and their genin squad are in a festive mood.

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category: Creative Arts

UID: 300066684269061

Server: 767

IGN: iamHszlee

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hmmm cool

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