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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja exam 334


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Apparently Kurenai, Chiriku, and Sasuke is the most common "F2P" comp for this ninja exam. Problem is, I took a break when Chiriku released, so I don't have him. I saw another guide with sage naruto with his sage chakra passive skillbroken to the max. I don't have that either. Any suggestions? I'm 210k power, and the difficulty has been reduced to the max. Any team is fine so long that it is geared towards F2P.

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its hard to do it with f2p at that power. For me i either had to get the good ninja or come back to it when i gained significantly more power. U can keep trying if ur close to getting the same results compared to the youtube examples u found. But if ur not close, it won't matter how many times u try.

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