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[ Bugs ] Forum posts disappearing


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Hi, I'm having an issue where any time I post useful feedback or I find another topic that has good feedback, when I check back later in the day I can't find it again. Please update your forum software or mod team so that topics stay up longer than 24 hours, thanks!


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As if oasis read feedbacks KEKW

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They don't get deleted. They get moved to archived section of the forum which is invisible to normal members, expect staff. Otherwise the moment a thread get's deleted our posts are gone too. if you look at our post count, it stays the same, as we last posted. That's because the threads are moved to archived. And not out right deleted.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Well if you post something that is negative or drama inducing aka breaks the TOS they have the right to delete it/hide it.

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