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[ Lineup ] Shisui [Susano’o] lineups


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Hey guys!




Mystery: Unmissable, supressing super armor and next level of cooldown increasing. This mystery could definitely counter some ninjas

Standard Attack: Pretty nice standard attack especially because it ignores some res/def so it does good damage

Chase: Really big scale + interruption on this chase which is awesome. Imagine getting 24% atk/nin every round, by round 5 your standard attacks will hit like a truck

Passive 1: This is really interesting, as you'll get immunity every 2nd round and it can help a lot vs enemies that have just a bit more initiative than you

Passive 2: Next level super armor

Overall he's a good ninja but I believe he'll be a bit expensive so I mostly made some "p2w" teams

Although you can make a great team with simple ninjas like gakido, anbu itachi, anbu kakashi, kurenai, iruka etc etc (note that is very versatile in attributes: konoha, uchiha, secret ninjutsu, swordsmen)

1. Lightning Main



A bit more f2p team but highly effective

2. Lightning Main 2



3. Fire Main



A bit of an interesting round 1-2 damage team to try

Lightning main could also be used if you want Root of Warrior and he can buff both Tobirama and Shisui

4. Fire Main 2



Edo Hashirama and Madara breakthrough would be preferred for better effect

5. Earth Main



If you did this team with Lightning Main your resistance will be so high that Edo Hiruzen will cry

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This doesn't have to deal with Shisui, but can someone make a list of ninjas who attack opponents with the lowest life please?

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Question about the explosive mode. Does other ninja's that have an Explosive mode benefit from the normal bonuses they get while in it if granted from Shisui? Like Naruto 6 Paths healing for example

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90k Ninja. First Line-Up is F2P.

Gotta love the high level of trolling here xD

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