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God Guo: TOP 3 strongest labels


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Nowadays many people would like to build a team with same label, for ninjas with same label always can work together well and can help each other. So now let’s think about top 3 labels in game, I’ll say my own first, then you can reply me with your own idea.

1. Konoha

Konoha is of course a great label, for all main characters born here, and our own character in game is also Konoha ninja. As the village of Naruto, Konoha really owns a lot of strong ninja, like

Naruto sage mode, kurama mode, six path mode, ramen, ronin.

Sasuke susano, renin sharingan, suit.

Sakura summer suit

Kakashi susano

Minato namikaze jonin, edo tensi

Hashirama senju, edotensi

Tobirama senju edo tensi

Hiruzon sarutobi edo tensi

Tsunade fifth hokage, sanin war skill breakthrough, Taisho period

Uchiha itachi

Uchiha madara

Uchiha shisui

Uzumaki kushina red hot-blooded habanero

2. Akatsuki

In the comic this is a really strong bad team, each ninja in Akatsuki is really strong and is a bad boss in a period of comic. So the strong ninja here we have:

Kakuzu earth gourd fear

Uchiha itachi

Kisame hoshigaki (semihada fushion mode)

Deidara (edo tensi)

Uchiha Madara (five kage summit)

Konan angel of god

Sasuke susano,renine sharingan

3. Jinchuriki

Though every week we need to save these * jinchuriki ninjas, they are already really strong now, especially when the bee eight tail jinchuriki skill breakthrough, and the kushina red blooded’s skill breakthrough, also Naruto himself is also a jinchuriki.

jinchuriki 1

jinchuriki 2

So here is the top 3 labels in game I think, what about you guys?

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