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[ Lineup ] What to go for


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Hello all,

I'm a f2p player, so do you think I should go for something like 6 paths naruto or a more simple lineup like jonin minato + 5 kage madara

Thank you so much!

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It depends on how close you are to each of them. 6PN can carry with any random team slap onto him in a lot of cases, while Minato Jonin+5KM also have their own advantages. Personally, I'd go for 6PN, since he can't be cc-ed at the end of a round and carry-over to the next like Minato.

Given said that, it would probably help to know what ninjas you've already gotten, so that I, and anyone else, could give better advice on whom to focus on first.

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I think the only 10k ninja I have is shisui, that's about it. I also have around 20 jminato frags. I don't think I have very many frags for any other good ninja, as I mostly focus on power

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If you already have Shisui then you should go for 6p Naruto.

Minato/5kage Madara is still going strong but Madara price is almost same as 6p Naruto. Even if you have few madara frags you will still need at least 20k CPs to finish both Madara and Minato.

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go for the meta 6-path, its not meta for nothing.

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