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[ Fanart ] Procrastination


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This is what happens when I should be doing other things but really, really, really don't want to. Bad art.

I also found out the hard way that my once-perfect ol' reliable eraser boi now has a 30-50% chance to smudge now. Today is a sad day.

...And of course the forum being the forum, the image breaks. Here you go, and pardon my absolutely horrid handwriting.

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u know how there's a saying that goes necessity is the mother of invention or something like that

i propose:

procrastination is the mother of art

your art is good! proportions are nice, movement is pretty fluid! also rip eraser, i see it got nerfed XD and really, what can any of us do about the forum restrictions but reduce the jpeg quality of the picture ;-; (there's a thing i do when even my jpeg pics are too large: take a screenshot of the work and post the screenshot instead. first-glance quality is usually not reduced but lol when you zoom in )

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Forum just cannot deal with awesomeness of such works, that's why issues with uploading

You should be procrastinating more often, so there would be more of King Dosu here- we need to get their attention for this in any way we can!

Ignores resist and immune? And it's muthafreakin' DOSU?? Oh boi... that does sound like a 3k $ worthy ninja

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You all are too kind.

Perhaps if I find more excuses to not study I'll make more of this. The original idea was to make a sprite sheet for the custom Dosu skill/talentset I made a while back, using both Naruto Online's Dosu sprites and some other ones as well. The "ignores resistance" part was supposed to make up for the skill's overall damage being identical to one of Dosu's standard attacks, but I didn't have enough room to handwrite that in xD

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Ooh!!! *claps*

I agree with those guys above, procrastinate more! XD

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