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[ Events ] Are matsuri stats really spreaded?


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I faced yesterday in matsuri a guy i often face in swb.

He owns 5k more control than me in move 1 but 6k total control lower than me (i have roughly 2k more per move in 2,3,4).

He uses, like me, rope as move 1 tool.

I control failed on his move 1 ninja 5 times out of 5.

I meet him relatively often, since he level freezes, and i took note of the last 6 matches we had in matsuri.

Out of 23 times i control failed on his matsuri move 1 16 times.

While, on the other hand, he never failed once in controlling me.

If the stats were really spreaded, since i own total control higher than him, should be normal for him to fail more than me, but this does not happen.

Now, you may say it was bad luck but this kind of situation happens with some constance on similar conditions to me, so the theory of the spreaded stats begins to be at a critical failure from my point of view.

The truth is that very likely in matsuri you just have your equipment assigned to the ninjas in some preset order, this would explain what happens with control and combo fails and abnormally op move 3 or 4 ninjas way better than the official assumption of the spreaded stats.

Sometimes i wonder if the devs deliberately lie to jiburiru and other mods just to not let us know the truth because when you get an official reply from a mod that says the devs told him something and then what you continue to experience in game doesn't match the answer you just got you begin to doubt the honesty of the devs (not of the mods, they have no reason to lie, i hope).

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are you fighting water main ? if so , then i dont think water main chaos can fail, since it trigger when dealing critical damage, you need more critical to avoid getting chaos by water main.

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