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[ Help ] resource recovery ( max level 70 )


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so do the resource recovery stack ? currently max level with max exp.. and i just wonder if i didn't do the daily mission.. the resource recovery will stack and we just collect them all when the update come.. just wondering if it will stack or not..

so for you guys who are currently MAX EXP, what do you guys do in the game now.. do you guys do the daily mission and all that stuff ?
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Basically Just collect coins and donate to the group; Always spend the 100k coins for the 5 frag at black market no matter how crappy they are. Maxing out all of my 53 ninjas on level/cultivation/awakening(No matter how crappy they are cause my OCD needs to see all gold. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone, save everything for late game ninjas, this is my personal choice and * one at that)

And participate in all the daily events mainly for the coins(once again to help put 290 daily into the group), and for anything free from placing top 3; Mags, Scrolls, Refines.

Really all there is to do once you've hit cap.
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