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Uchiha vs Uchiha(Preview)


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Haruki looked at the corpse of Danzo. Armless, face down, and covered in his own pool of blood. Besides him stood Sasuke, a grin of satisfcation plastered on his face. The brunette Uchiha had a myriad of feelings swimming through him; regret, happines, satisfaction and conflict.

But for now, those didn't matter. What did, however, was the opportunity presented to him. Sasuke was weakened and vulnerable. He and him were the last Uchihas, but Sasuke was a threat to Konoha. While yes, he helped killed the Hokage, but Danzo was a corrupted b*stard that deserved to be put down.

Sasuke noticed Haruki's gaze, as if trying to melt him down like a candle. The raven-haired male lost the expression on his face and quirked an eyebrow.

"What's wrong, Haruki?"

Before a word could be uttered, a red chakra construct of an arm materialized by Haruki's side and smacked Sasuke into one of the pillars. The former heir grunted, pushing himself off the pillar. He looked at Haruki, his expression in disbelief.

"Haruki, what the hell was that for?"

Haruki didn't say a word. The arm construct was soon accompanied by a humanoid body, resembling one in armor. It held out its arm, a long spear appearing. it grabbed hold of it and aimed it at Sasuke.

"I've told you, Sasuke. Once Danzo dies, it's back to old pleasentries. Burn out!"

Blood leaked out from Haruki's eyes as black flames erupted from below Sasuke. Luckily for him, he managed to evade before it could reach him. Sasuke landed on to a pillar and glared at the Konoha-nin.

"Fine! If you want to side with that pathetic village, then so be it!" Sasuke circled through a set of hand seals and spewed out a giant fireball. "Katon: Gokakyuu no Jutsu!"

Haruki grunted. Three giant shields materialized out of thin air and blocked the fire jutsu. He raised up his hand, his Susanoo following its motion. Haruki roared and threw his hand, the chakra construct throwing the spear.

Sasuke looked up and his eyes widened. Dozens of spears began to rain down like a storm, all descending to impale him. The raven-haired male nimbly dodge each one, jumping out of the way a second before it reaches him.

As the last spear neared him, Sasuke got an idea. He shifted his Sharingan into its Mangekyo form, summoning his Susanoo's arm. It reached out and caught the spear, much to Haruki's surprise. Sasuke grunted, and the spear burst into flames. With a cry, he threw back the spear to sender.

Haruki brought up his shields once more and blocked the Amaterasu-covered spear. The spear pierced through the shield, almost inces away from Haruki's face. The burnette frowned and pulled off the spear, throwing it to the side.

The two Uchihas glared at each other, Sasuke slowly starting to be shrouded by his own purple Susanoo. They brought up their hands and started blurring, performing hand seals. Both of them tried to outspeed the other, wanting to finish their set before the other did. None finished faster, they finished at the same time, both in the Tiger seal.

"Enton: Gokakyuu no Jutsu!"

The usual orange fireball was accompanied by a black shroud, signifying the use of Amaterasu. The two clashed and exploded, sitrring up some smoke and dust taht would've blocked a regular shinobi's vision. Luckily for Haruki and Sasuke, they had Sharingans.

Haruki took the initiative and performed another jutsu. His Susanoo disppeared and he jumped out towards his fellow Uchiha.

"Yōton: Shakugaryūgan no Jutsu!"

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"Before a word could be uttered, a red chakra construct of an arm materialized by Haruki's side and smacked Sasuke into one of the pillars"

I like that bish slap. Sas need more of these. Like, really a lot.

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