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[ Bugs ] Possible bug or lack of desc<x>ription in Gaara(Non-kazekage's)Barrier Mystery


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Platform:Google Chrome

Server 911 : Future Peace (UK)

Character name : Shiroyasha (Registered oasis account under name DrPiezoElectric) Lvl 83

UID(oasis account)-300063150981854

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Description of Problem:

Suppose you launch gaara's barrier and use his sand spear in round two. his barrier still persists in round three.If you use the mystery to try and launch another barrier,the already existing one gets removed without setting up a new barrier.Plus the cooldown of 3 rounds is activated.

Is it a bug, or does the mystery work similar to itachi's barrier, ie can't be used again unless effects of barrier have worn off? If that's the case, then please update the description.

Oh and when will the ninja tools packs be available in groceries store room.Don't have good luck with RNG to get ninja tools.

Your quick replies would be appreciated, thanks.

Screenshots NOT available.

OS: Windows 10 Home edition

Computer time zone: IST ie GMT+5:30

Screen Resolution: 1366* 768

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That's correct.

It'll last the entire 3 turns regardless of the use of the secondary mystery.

Thank you for the suggestion on the description and I'll let them know!

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