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[ Help ] Multiple people all had this a few times today??


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2018-05-10 20_30_24-Clipboard

Ha what

Imagine this during x-gnw.

Note: we all play on mini client anyway so any ideas what is causing this en masse?

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Someone is trying to ha ck us all!

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Happend to me in sage too on last fight

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I do not play in mini client and happened to me too. Multiple people experienced weird disconnections throughout the whole previous week. Something weird happened server side.

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Same happened to me,my alt thats on another server,and a couple of other people on my main's and alt's server yesterday.

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Had four people on my server, Queen Momentum S712 all drop during 9 tails today. Including myself, have no other clients or browsers running this game. Not sure what is going on.

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Hi guys! Thanks so much for letting us know. Our support team is currently investigating the issue. If you guys do get this error again, please type "hylogfile" anywhere in game (without the quotation Mark's and not in text chat), ou will receive a prompt to save a log file. You can send the file directly to me on Discord or you c*so report it to our customer service with the log file. They will definitely help!

Thank you guys so much for your understanding and patience.


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