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[ Lineup ] Hanabi Hyuuga Lineups


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Hello, Today gonna show you some fun lineups to play with Hanabi, our new ninja !! Enjoy !

Fire main

2018-04-19 13_54_44-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-04-19 13_54_56-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Hanabi comes to the play, a fun ninja to play with , for sure she is not a meta breaker or anything , but for the collection purpose she is fun to play with. In this team Jonin Minato carries with heavy dmg followed by Masked Man chases , and Hanabi to accupunture from behind. Really fun combination !

Water Main

2018-04-19 13_49_58-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-04-19 13_50_12-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Water Main and Hanabi?? why not !! We have Waifu and Husbando to take the front lines together, while Hanabi waits to go in with 30th chase after naruto's attack. Ofc we running with water main 10th chase and Neurotoxin with poison tai for extra chaos and poison.

Lightning Main

2018-04-19 13_44_50-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-04-19 13_47_27-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Hell yeah!! :D we have Hyuuga Family here. Ok this team looks nicely done for hyuuga lovers. Especially with Neji skillbroken, you will have a lot of fun running the team. Lighning main running with chidori blade in the backround, while you will have Hinata and Neji for guarding and attacking the enemy team. Hanabi sitting back waiting to unleash her 30th chase and accupunture the enemy's ninja.

Wind Main

2018-04-19 13_52_57-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-04-19 13_53_14-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Wind Main fan made Team. Hinata in the 1st line while in the back we run Hokage Minato Hanabi and Wind main with wind dance passive. You can replace Hinata with Neji GNW or Normal Neji skillbroken. Fun team to start with .

These were some Lineups that can be done with our new ninja Hanabi.. Feel free to ask anything !! thank you very much !!!

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