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Hashirama or Tendo?


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Who should I go for? I just got tendo tressure

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When drawing in most Treasure you don't know what you are going to get.

For example to get Hashirama or Tendo you need to use 400 total Seal Scrolls in the Tendo Treasure and you get a 50/50 chance of getting either.

It's best not to use Seal Scrolls in this Treasure as 76 Fragments of Tendo can be obtained from Ultimate Training and Hashirama can be obtained from Lucky Board( if you are lucky).

Besides that both Ninja's do very poorly in fights. Tendo is only useful for doing Team Instances. Hashirama is useful for buffing Tendo in team instances ... and Group Summon.

You are best off saving your Seal Scrolls for Great Ninja War Treasure, this is unlocked at level 70. These have ninja's that are in the current meta.

Another option is saving 210 Seal scrolls for a Super rare such as Ay (Land of Lighting Treasure unlocked at level 65) , Roshi (Jinchuriki Treasure unlocked level 65).

Some will say that Five Kage Treasure is still good to draw from , which is unlocked at level 70. Some ninja's from here are good but you play the game of RNG to get those ones as there in a large pool on ninja's to draw.

You can check out all Treasure drops on the wiki

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Lets say, tendo is currently useful only in ranked battle and to beat fast tis/wanteds/sealeds.

Hashirama to be decent requires full breaktroughs and at least another superrare or whale only ninja he can support.

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jst wait until u unlock gnw treasure or kage treasure, or lightning treasure (i recommend u to draw from lightning because u will get complete 1 meta team if u draw from it). Just AVOID/IGNORE tendo treasure and seals treasure

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