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[ Help ] Refines setup


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Should I only focus on getting refines on 2 sets of equipment or all 4? With the refine event I want to make sure Im not making a huge mistake to where Ill have to play catch up. On 2 sets of my equipment I have 210+ and on my other 2 they're at 125. Maximizing refines on 2 seem more efficient and easier to accomplish if i dump all of my materials into only 2 sets. Thoughts?
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I think that it's better to focus on 2 sets so the first 2 ninjas can have more initiative and go before the enemy ninjas.
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Balancing all of them is obviously a good idea. Making your move 1 have highest is the standard way of doing things. However once you hit rank 7 and need advanced refines to upgrade it usually slows down quite alot since they are expensive and most people just get them from Sage or events instead.
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