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Source: Events | Seal Treasures | Elite Instance (Level 70)


Mystery: Detonating Clay - Big Art - Cause heavy Ninjutsu damage to the selected enemy and the enemy of Ignition state.~Cooling Time: 2 Rounds~Battlefield Cooldown: 0 Round~Chakra Use: 0~Additional Status: None

Standard: Detonating Clay - Owl - Attacks the front enemy with a certain probability of Triple Combo and Ignition.

Passive: Art of Blasts - When Deidara causes Ninjutsu damage, Deidara will raise his own Ninjutsu attributes.

Passive: Blasts Combo - Before the first action of each round, Ignite one enemy at random.

Chase: Detonating Clay - Double-wing Bird - Triggered with a 10 combo at least, attack randomly 2 enemy bodies and causes Ignition.


Opinion: 0 Battlefield Cooldown | Ignition ninja | Best mixed with Fire Main Sleep Standard Attack | GNW Clutch Ninja | 0 Chakra Cost Mystery

*Please leave a comment with your thoughts about the ninja.

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i dont have fire main
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Interesting guy, kinda hard to make teams with because of his complete lack of combo creation.

Deidara - GNW Kankuro - Fire Main - 8 Gates Lee has worked out pretty well for some others on my server. On turn 2, use GNW Kankuro's mystery and then Deidara's... because everyone will be on fire. And 8-Gates Lee helped provide the hitcount for Deidara's 10-hit Chase.

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