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[ Fanfiction ] Midnight x Azure Part 7 The End of The Battle?


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Midnight: Ashura...

Ashura: Yes?

Midnight: Promise me to tell anyone

Ashura: What is that?

Midnight: By the time you removed Overlord from my body, I had a vision

Ashura: Tell me everything

Midnight: I saw my ... my ...

Ashura: What??!!!

Midnight: Do not forget your promise

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Crimson: Ashura?

Ashura *in his thought:

(Ashura: Why the hidden?!!

Midnight: .....)

Crimson: Ashura?

Ashura *in his thought:

(Ashura: Why??!!

Midnight: It's just a vision, it can not happen in real life)

Crimson: Ashura

Ashura *in his thought:

(Midnight: I'm counting on you to put them safe)

Crimson: Ashura?You are always with us?

Ashura: What?

Crimson: It's been 2 minutes that you do not answer

Ashura: Ohhh...Sorry

Breeze: We can not rest I'm starting to hurt

Azure: There is a river not very far we could go there

Ashura: It is where?

Azure: 12 km northwest

Ashura: OK...Sage Art Teleportation

Back to the fight

ScarletNight: Fire Style Great Fire Annihilation

Overlord: Black Black

Breeze: It feels good

Azure *Looked at the sky: (Brother....Midnight Come back safe and sound)

ScarletNight: Teleporting Chidori Shuriken

*Appears behind Overlord

ScarletNight: Lightning Blade

Overlord *smile

Breeze: It's weird it's so quiet

Azure: At the same time my brother is not there

Breeze: They are cute when they are merging

Azure: Seriously...

Breeze: How was your night with Midnight?

Azure *blushed: I do not want to talk about it

Breeze: You did it kisses?

Azure: What????!

Breeze: I laugh...

Ashura: Breeze

Breeze: Yes?

Ashura: You are part of the clan Blade?

Breeze: Yes but I wanted to take my mother's name why this question?

Ashura: Why you or your brother do not own the Azara Brand ?

Breeze: father...And dead before my birth and Midnight, we are like twins

Ashura: I see

Crimson: What is this brand??

Azure: It's a long legend

Breeze: And it's my brother who intended to have this mark

ScarletNight *Raised his arm: Kirin Karmic Lightning

Overlord: Serious things begin

ScarletNight: Die

Ashura: We must leave before disappearing with the forest

Breeze: OK

Ashura: Sage Art Majestic Universe

Overlord *smile: Great Job....You managed to destroy 1 third of my body...But....I am a demon...I can regenerate myself

ScarletNight: What??!

Overlord *appears in front of ScarletNight: Die

ScarletNight *smile

Overlord *cut ScarletNight in half: I still wanted to have fun but it's over for you

ScarletNight: I'm smart you know

Overlord: What??!

ScarletNight: It was a clone and not just any clone

Overlord: What is your point?

ScarletNight: Can you move?

Overlord: How is it possible?

ScarletNight: I do not have time for that....I have to make you disappear from this world

Overlord: Grrrr....

ScarletNight: Art....

Crimson: Where are we?

Ashura: That's where I trained for 2 years

Breeze: Awesome

Azure: Ashura,How old are you?

Ashura: 23 years old

Breeze: What?! You are older th*...

Crimson: We are all 15 years old

Azure: Where are your beards?

Breeze: We see you we think you have 18 but 23

Ashura: Hehe

Crimson: After our fight against Overlord, I can train here. I want to become stronger than Lee.

Ashura: Yes

Crimson: Thanks

Ashura: I have something to tell you

Breeze: What is that?

Ashura: Do not hate me because I promised at Midnight

Azure: Tell us

ScarletNight: Art Ultime....

*The merger has reached its limits

Midnight: What?

Overlord: Finally...

Scarlet: He can move!!

Overlord: Tailed...

Midnight: Scarlet...RUN!!!!

Overlord: Beast...

Scarlet: It's too late ... We can not go further

Midnight: So...Let's join forces

Scarlet: OK

Overlord: BOMB

Scarlet: Fire Style...

Midnight: Lightning Style...

Scarlet: Majestic Demolisher

Midnight: Black Pantar Ram

Breeze: WHAT?!!

Azure: No No No Do not say it's true

Crimson: We must go back

Azure: Yes

Ashura: Sage Art Teleportation

Midnight/Scarlet: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Azure: Let's go

Breeze: Yeah


Crimson: The merger has limits that we must do quickly before it's too late

Azure: Yes

Overlord: It's over Scarlet...Black Blade

Scarlet: (No...No...I do not want to die now ... I have so many things to do in this world...And Breeze...) *closed her eyes and smiled (GoodBye Breeze...GoodBye Everyone)

Midnight: You're just an idiot

Scarlet *open her eyes: Mid....Midnight

Midnight: What?

Scarlet: W...Why?

Midnight *fell to the ground

Breeze: We arrived...Midnight...

Azure: NO...NO...Midnight!!

*crying and running to him

Midnight: A...Azure

Azure *uses healing jutsu: Midnight...

Midnight: Do not waste your energy for nothing

Scarlet: I forbid you to die do not forget our promise

Midnight: I can not be your rival forever

Overlord: Do not worry, you'll join him

Ashura: All this is my fault

Midnight: No it's my fault...It's my time...but...before I have to tell you something Azure

Azure: Yes...

Midnight: I give you my's now yours...

Azure: Do not leave me alone

Midnight: Stop crying and know that....I....I....Lo....

Azure: Midnight...Open your eyes .... Please, do not leave me alone ... Midnight ... Please ... Midniiiight

To Be Continued

New Chapter: Origins 1 (in 1 months)

This is not my best chapter, I have to work

And do not worry about Midnight, the rest will please you.

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I understand better it's the end for Midnight

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Good chap bro...

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Aaahh... Nice!! Recently Midnight started crying a lot :3 and Azure too :3

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I want the next chapter now, I do not want to stay on hold, I want to know if midnight will be back

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Awesome and

What is Azara Brand??!

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Great Job it's awesome

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This game ( slope unblocked ) is a mood changer. Am I right!

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