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[ Fanfiction ] Midnight and Azure Part 2


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Part 1:

Azure *embarrassed : Hi

Crimson : Azure? What are you doing here ?

Azure : Can you help me ?

Crimson : In what ?

Azure : I like a boy but I do not know how I can get closer to him

Lee : Very interesting and who is this boy ?

Azure : I do not want to say it

Crimson : If you want help, we need to know

Lee : You are absolutely right Crimson

Azure *blushed : it's Midnight .... Blade

Crimson : Midnight ?

Lee: The love of your life is MIdnight Blade ?

Azure *blushed : Yes

Lee :You will form a wonderful couple

Azure : thanks but I do not know if he loves me too

Tenten : Lee it's been half an hour that the team is waiting for you !!

Lee : Sorry I forgot

Tenten : But what are you waiting for, we are already pretty late like that

Lee : I leave you goodbye

Crimson : Goodbye

Lee go away

Crimson: Meanwhile, can you tell me how you fell in love with him?

Azure : I do not want

Crimson : Tell me

Azure : No

Crimson : Tell me Tell me Tell me

Azure : *blushed

Crimson : Tell me Tell me Tell me

Azure : *red as a tomato

Crimson : Tell me

Azure : Stopped

Crimson : If you do not tell me, I will not help you and ....

Azure : So I'm leaving

Crimson : And I would say at midnight that you're in love with him

Azure : OK I agree to tell you

Crimson : Super

Azure: It all started 5 years ago.....Before my big brother protects me from Kai, I think you know him

Crimson : The most annoying of the academy ??

Azure : Yes...

One day, Scarlet got sick so I went to the academy alone. Just out of my house .....

Kai : Azure, your big brother is not there to protect you?

Azure : Leave me alone

Kai :Catch there

Azure : stopped, let me go

Kai : Azure here it's me who decides

I was going to cry, I was going to scream but

???: Stop now

I heard a voice so sweet and beautiful I turned and saw Midnight

Kai : So sir wants to make the law

Gad : we pulverize him master ?

Kai : Yes

Midnight : coming


Midnight : So now you will stop

Kai : Next time, I'll destroy you and this girl

Midnight: Are you sure ?

Midnight looked at him coldly in the eyes

Kai : Dirty demon

Midnight : Call me what you want but leave it alone or I break your bones

Kai : friends we go away

Azure : Tha......Thank you

Midnight : No problem

Azure : I.....I...I

Midnight :take my hand and go to the academy

I was dazzled by his eyes that even the word did not want to come out of my mouth

Azure: What's your name ?

Midnight : My name is Midnight,Midnight Blade and you ?

Azure : My name is Azure ... Fang

Midnight *smiles : nice to meet you

Azure *blushed : me too

And since that day I stop thinking about him

Crimson : Amazing

Azure : It's getting dark I have to go

Crimson : No problem

Azure : Bye

Crimson : Bye (Midnight loves Azure it shows, I'll let time do its work )

Azure : (what can I do to tell Midnight my feelings ? )


Scarlet : Mmmmhhh..... it was delicious

Breeze : Do not forget what you have to do

Scarlet : No problem

Breeze : Good luck

Scarlet : Thanks

Breeze and Scarlet are out of the restaurant

Breeze : Bye

Scarlet : Bye

Breeze *smiled and looked at the sky : I hope Azure and Midnight will be together because in recent times Mid has become a bit too .....

Midnight : Lai Giri Decapitation

The tree split in two

Midnight : You can come out of your hiding place and what are you doing here?

???: I just want to talk

To be continued

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A cute love story

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  • A cute love story


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Love your story

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  • Love your story


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  • Beautiful


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