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An Open Letter to Oasis Part 2


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I'm flattered that you think I am the one making such decisions. This update was planned and there were no plans to change or cancel it based on the survey results. Survey was not planned at all. But moderators were determined to show us your opinion once more and we allowed them to create unofficial survey, No one is blaming moderators, they were aware that this survey is not official. We appreciate our moderators and the work they do for our community. We also deeply care about your opinion and we take your feedback into consideration.

While this survey did not change our opinion on this update, we acknowledge that this update is serious but also game changing. Therefore, due the feedback we've made decision to include ultimate runes in more events and also include more ways how players can obtain them so this update won't have such impact on the game. We ask you to give this update a chance.

As long as this thread stays civil and no forum rules will be broken, no one will delete or close this thread.

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  • Kirizuki On 2019-09-19 02:11:11
  • Ok, so a couple of questions I would like to be answered. JUST LOOKING FOR ANSWERS, NOT TO "INCITE DRAMA":

    - "No one is blaming moderators, they were aware that this survey is not official." - question is, why weren't we aware? Why there was no disclaimer informing us, that the survey is not official? If something is posted in the NEWS section, posted by a MODERATOR without any info that this is NOT OFFICIAL, then by all means IT IS OFFICIAL. You can't just back out of it because you don't like the results.

    - "We also deeply care about your opinion and we take your feedback into consideration." - how exactly? How? You see our opinions in each and every topic that gets deleted, every post that gets removed. Additionally - you say you care about our opinion and then lock the Events topic so that noone can state their opinion? How can you care about something that CANNOT BE VOICED OUT?

    - "due the feedback we've made decision to include ultimate runes in more events and also include more ways how players can obtain them so this update won't have such impact on the game" - first of all, not a single feedback voice from the players side said they accept the update, but with more access to runes, so what actual feedback are you refering to? Do you have any posts? Conversations? Screenshots? Anything? Second of all what exact 'ways of obtaining' do you have in mind? Because if you mean putting them in recharge/spending rebates, pushing them for coupons in every event cycle or letting us redeem 1-10 runes per week for 'free' then NO, this won't help us at all, nor it in any way could be considered as 'accessible' or non-impactfull - pushing them for coupons.ingots will just further raise the gap between whales and f2p/low-spenders, as the latter won't have any profit from the mentioned 'ways to obtain' - could you please specify what do you exactly have in mind by speaking of this 'accessibility'?

    Additionally I would like to add two things:

    - This update WILL BE IMPACTFUL on the game unless adv refines will take place of med refines in ALL possible redeem ways and ultimate refines will take place of adv (and yes, I mean group shop, grocery store, space-time store and such)

    - Since the survey was, as you state, not-official and made by your moderators and you do not associate yourself with the ones responsible for the survey, then tell me why did you took part in it?:

    2019-09-18 20_09_26-Naruto Online Forum


We usually announce if survey has any impact on our decision-making or if it is official. This time, there were no words from us except that one comment from me. To explain that comment - while it is true that this survey was not official, we still wanted it to be as realistic as possible (that is why it was allowed to be posted on forum) and I also wanted to help mods so they do not have to to go trough a lot of hate comments (not only comments via survey but also comments in thread were getting out of hand and forum rules are here for a reason). My comment in no context should be considered as making this survey as something official or this survey having any impact on our decisions.

We did one survey regarding this update in the past, therefore, we don't think there was need for another survey.

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  • Dosu On 2019-09-19 09:25:20
  • "We usually announce if survey has any impact..."

    The only issue I have with this is... well, how was the playerbase supposed to know that? There's been what, how many surveys outside of the "official polls" one from awhile back, and the methodical "event feedback" surveys. The problem here is that, as far as I remember, there has been no surveys specifically hosted by staff/mods/people in power that were related specifically towards planning future changes, which were unofficial.

    There is no way for the playerbase to tell that "they usually announce if it's an impactful survey or not" if there's never been a survey that hasn't been specified as unimpactful. I'm not counting the like, "who's the cutest girl" ones from a few years back cause that doesn't affect gameplay and was clearly Just for Fun(TM). If you're constantly pumping out event feedback surveys that are supposedly impactful, then why should the playerbase assume that this particular "unofficial" survey is any different from all the official event feedback surveys?

    This would've been fine if it was specified that the survey would have no DIRECT impact upon future decisions. Scratch that, it wouldn't have been fine because it's not taking player feedback into account. But it would have been better, at least. I think.

I agree, we should have clearly stated such information in the thread, mistake learned.

It is hard for us to decide such thing because what can we do? Strip mods of their powers so they can post it and then give it back to them? That would not work since they need to monitor forum. Or let some newly created account post it? Everyone would think it is a troll or just random person not worth their time. Next time we let moderators post unofficial surveys/polls, we will make sure to clearly state that it is not official one. We apologize for the confusion and all the chaos this whole situation caused.

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  • Liez07 On 2019-09-19 09:48:52
  • Dear Daisuke,

    I will provide solutions instead to solve this. I believe this issue can be solved while everyone is happy.


    Increase the claimable amount of advance refinement rune on space time. Make it 10 per day.

    Increase the claimable amount of advance refine on group shop as well. Make it 5 per day.

    Remove advance refine from SUN shop and replace it with epic refine. Transferred the Advancee refine rune from SUN SHOP to MOON SHOP with price of 600 moon scrolls each. Make it claimable 20 per day.

    In a week a player can get up to 80k moon scrolls so that will be 133 advance refine per week.

    Space time 10 per day will be 70 advance refine per week.

    Group Shop 5 per day making it 35 advance refine per week.

    In total a player can make 238 advance refine runes per month on this features alone. In two to three months someone can level 10 their refine runes in 1 slot no problem.

    I know you are a business by doing this you will not lose the business of advance refine while making the player base happy.

    Looking forward to your coherent response.

As previously mentioned, we plan to implement this feature in a way so players won't have problems to obtain new refines or upgrade their refines. It will be a long process since not everything can be done in one week/event cycle but we will make sure to monitor the situation after maintenance.

I will note all of your suggestions and share it with rest of the development team and we will see what we can do. Thank you for the feedback~

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