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[ News ] Official Statement - Bugs and Problems October 4th


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reasonable AND fair would be to bring back the sakura/sasuke pack as it was.

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revert sakura's foodsacks back to 10 coupons ,Raising Ninja price. I think before, except for ninjas, the other price is reasonable.

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35+ foodsacks would be nice

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1. Fix the event, I see alot of players having trouble even doing the event for the daily quest.

2. Bring back the packs as they were, it's just not fair at all just to get punished for nothing.

3. Well, alot of players already got everything it seems like, I was not lucky enough to get anything but yeah the prices were WAYYYYYY to cheap. It's like shisui all over again. I wi* would've been Konan or someone else, now our meta will be pretty weird.(hopefully not)

4. As for compensation. I have no idea. I've been short on mood scrolls for months now, maybe some of those? How many does it take to get a ninja from 5 to 65%? Oh and Kid Kakashi frags would be nice, like 25, but since you don't give out frags oh wait you did give out frags the last time when "young adult" Jiraiya came out. But you can't give out frags now? Pretty strange.

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500 ichirakus ramen and 200 sakura food stack :D :D

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Put back old price for sakura gift pack (10cp) and everyone will be happy again :) but since that can't be done, you'll probably gave us some *ty stuff...

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I think you should put the packs back, and the sakura food price back to 10 coupons, for one more day and allow EVERYONE that did not get it, to get their items and frags as well. It doesn't matter what you give us, ALL THOSE PEOPLE that got these things for 50% the price, and got 5* sasuke 5* sakura and frags for SB will have more th*. It is really unfair to the entire player base, and is extremely unprofessional. Thanks to this strategy that you clearly intended to force people to top up to maintain the balance of the game, the game is heavily unbalanced! So, giving us seal scrolls or charms or anything is just a slap in the face to everyone that missed out on your "intended bug"

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The best compensation would be for a day or 1 hour for Sakura's meal to 10 coupons because:
- Many servers of hk, United Kingdom and those who got up early in New York could buy ninjas like madara and shisui between 4k and 7k, while those of the o that for time did not enter the game in the morning will have to pay between 10k and 17k. it's unfair because that value should have been set at the beginning of the event, not now00001

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No comments on the Naruto Birthday one, because Oasis says they gonna put it back at the same price with just a lower max limit.

As for sakura event pack. Suggest you make a different set of sakura pack say 300 or 400 of them, priced at 10cp at limited time shop.

While still keeping the normal sakura pack price at 20cp.

Just one possible suggestion if you will consider...

To elevate the frustration of the players who simply cannot log on in the morning due to work or...

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How about adding more ninjas/types of rewards there? Personally for me, making swimsuit temari reedemable would be perfect. Would use more coupons into it

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  • Yuuki S740 On 2018-10-04 21:36:29
  • As compensation a certain amount of food packs should be a good enough compensation

Yes, a decent amount of food packs.No, not just decent. A lot of food packs, enough to get a free ninja!!!

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origiries and lots of em

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It's to bad they changed sakura event to 10 coupons. The entire event is kind of garbage now. Doubt I'll ever spend in it again at these rates.But I think compensation should at least include food packs (the Lets training together mission is still in the game too bugging the sakura daily out for people)

I also think it's hard to give accurate compensation for it as some people took full advantage of the previous situation and some didn't but yet even those who did take advantage and weren't impacted will end up getting the compensation. So I'm kind of expecting it to be not to big of a compensation. I don't think there can ever be a right ammount as the situation will differ from person to person. Make the compensation to big and you give those who took full advantage of the low prices a big advantage make it to little and the people who were to late logging in will feel screwed over. I think Ideally I would like to see the sakura price rise reverted back to 10 coupons... and just take the losses now just to keep it fair for everyone. And then next time Sakura comes around keep the packs at 10 coupons but at least raise the price of these ninja's to an acceptable price (reflecting the price in other events). But I doubt that would happen so guess this will be the death of this event sort of.

Prefferable I would like to see something like 30 food sacks 10 Seal Scrolls 10 mood scrolls and maybe like 100 coupons allong those lines.

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People who had Coupons/Ingots earlier bought Madara Uchiha [Five Kage Conference] and Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] half the price and people who doesn't have resources that time and people who doesn't logged in earlier are left behind with only the crumbs of this issue .. It is really indeed that we need to get compensated for this mistakes ..

80 to 100 pcs of Sakura's Foodsack would be great for compensating people with this mistake ..

Edit : I'm from HK Servers, do what you think is right, as long as the compensation is reasonable, im good with it.

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After talking with our manager, I have one more information for you. Compensation may vary for each region. What it means is - LA and NY might receive bigger compensation and also a different item. But of course, all of this depends on your feedback and suggestions. So please make sure to include region in your forum post.

LA and NY did not have this chance because of time zone difference. So we want to establish a bit of fairness in upcoming compensation. But of course it does not mean LA and NY will get something else. It all depends on your decision and choice.

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coupons or revert food pack price back to 10 would be NICE

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This looks fun and all, but you'll end up giving same compensation as always xD

Anyway, I just logged in and found about all this and went to play Arena and these are my missions:


It was super fun so I had to come and share with everyone xD Even random arena missions are making fun of what happened xD

Please have a good day everyone!


Even if everyone is mad the truth is everyone will keep playing and paying to play, and everyone knows that... so does anyone really think this compensation with feedback will be anything good?

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Hello. I'm in 2 servers.

HK - 691

LA - 779

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200 cave keys 100 food sacks 30 charm and 10 seals is what i say

but then again getting even 1% of that is not even going to happen.

or just give everyone 5 star sasuke suit and sakura cloak

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read all opinions,me think a fair compensation would be like : 50food packs/50charms/100advanced runes

UK server S35 :)

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