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[ Updates ] IMPORTANT - Mystery skills delay problem


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I noticed this problem the most while playing on arena, with Han/Yagura/Mei/Fire Main team (which I do a lot and notice this issue often):

- for second round, to cast Mei's mystery I get 40 chakra points together from both main's and Yagura passives: after Yagura add chakra I immediately click on Mei mystery, before she does her standard and many times there's no reaction at first but then her mystery goes off in next round, which make it easy to block as she's on last position;

- also noticed problem with mystery delay on other ninjas, mostly on last position in lineup- even if skill is choosen before they do their standard attack, sometimes it doesn't go off untill the next round;

Noticed this issue on arena, matsuri and sage battlefield.

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To fix the problem, one must first understand the problem. There are THREE different reason delay occurs.

1. Connection issue. Self explanatory enough. This is USUALLY not an issue within a server, but can be problematic in ANY Xserver event.

2. Flash rendering. The server assumes that flash is rendered perfectly at the speed set. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. On more modern systems, rendering can be kept up at 1x, but falls behind on 2x as the animations aren't sped up as much. And on older systems, it is possible that the client can't even keep up rendering at 1x speed, thus falling behind.

And finally, #3, chase and animated mystery. This, in a way, is an offshoot of #2. The problem here is that the server does NOT wait extra time for those to resolve. Instead, it simply allot the same amount of time as it would with an attack/mystery that does NOT cause chase or have animation. But as the client need to render these animations, it falls behind. It is even possible for longer standard attack animations, such as that of Minato, to also contribute to this, as I suspect the server waits for the exact same amount of time for every standard attack.

As a result of any of the above, client state can fall behind server state, either because client didn't go as fast as it should or because server wait time is not properly allocated for chase/mystery. And once there is a difference in state, we will see the delay problem. Specifically, when we issue a command, the command is queued according to the server state, which is "the future" compared to client state. While it might still be in the middle of the round on the client side, the actual server state, and thus when the command will result, is either later in the round or even after the round, thus causing the command to be queued toward next round.

There are, IMO, two methods toward solving this.

1. Logic path: Give extra mystery cast options of "reactive casting"(only when target cast something) and "queued cast" where it will be cast when able(if currently unable) and "cast at last opportunity"(where it will be cast before the turn end for prompt and right before its standard for non-prompt). Generally speaking, those three will be all that player wants, so even if we are not seeing the correct state, we can still issue command that we wanted all along.

2. Configuration path: configure the server to wait properly wait for the client. To be clear, problem #1&2 are mostly the player's problem, the server should NOT wait for those(except Xserver issues, that's more of a stability issue, and animation should be sped up more on 2x). But for #3, the server need to allot sufficient time for every mystery, chase and, should it be a problem, extra long standard attacks to resolve. Once the server actually wait the correct amount of time, client side will no longer fall behind due to having to display all those.

Comparing the two proposed solution, #2 seems simpler while #1 is more complex and in, in a way, only a workaround. So we should do #2, right? The thing is, #1 will work now and always, with ONE change. Whereas #2 will require constant maintenance. Because to know how long the server SHOULD wait for, one must take into account just how long the mystery/chase/standard attack actually takes. This means that you will essentially need a time chart for every single action in the game that needs to be kept up to date with every ninja introduction and skill change. This might have scaling issues. Also, I'm not entirely sure how easy it might be to have it properly calculate the time of a chase chain, which in theory is simple addition but depend on the coding, might be complicated.
Or, of course, every action that can be taken will wait for the maximal amount of time an action of that category needs to take. (Say all mystery waits like Garras, all standard waits like Minatos, thankfully I think chase all have the same amount of time per chase). But this could make the game slower than before, which might negatively impact GNW, which does time out every now and again.

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- Is it affecting only specific ninjas?No
- Is it affecting all special skills? Yes
- When are you experiencing such problems? PvP, most of time when faced a payer
- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? Bond, Sage, Arena Ranked

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If you use your mystery at the end of a round,the mystery wont be used until the end of the next round.

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It happens all the time for me, mostly in arena, usually in rounds 2 and 3, after first 2 mystery happen the rest of them won't till next round. In normal mode its somewhat the same.

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it is usually because ur game is slow than others i have alts and i use alt and main at same time and it sorta lags

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Its always bad after a chase, but we know that reason. Lately, I have my Edo Deidara in slot 2. If I'm fighting dodge teams, I'd like for him to standard before his mystery, but after his action 2 standard goes off it's already too late to cast mystery and it's system error'd till next round. The next one is a little picky and understandable, but I run 40 chakra double standard on EM. With Jigo on your team, it is impossible to cast your EM mystery round 1 after both spider explode. Auto helps my team with this, but it's horrible for bonds/GNW when I can't control which team gets the double standard.

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I didnt notice any specificity on ninjas nor events, but it happens to me very often.. Sometimes i'd use a mistery at the beginning of the round, but it only comes next round; or i'd use a mistery then my opponent uses an other 3-4 moves later, and mine only comes after his.

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It isn't even just at the end of the round.

I can go through my chases at the start of the round and after the chases finish I click my target go for mystery and it doesn't use the mystery til either the end of the round, or at the start of the round.

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  • King Neptune On 2018-03-06 18:23:39
  • - No it's not on any specific ninja.

    - It's because of our latency and connection whilst doing pvp. When trying to do a really late just before round change mystery it sometimes doesn't work or go off because of latency.

    - Whenever during Sage or Plunder/Convoy.

    - Yes.

same here! specially on convoy...its about loading and your opponent already doing attack and im still on loading then when battle start for me my opponent already doing huge damage to my team and my mystery already delayed even i activate it asap on battle (im 77k BP and i plunder 60k BP) i loss coz of that loading coz my opponent is blitz team and my team is still at loading

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- Is it affecting only specific ninjas?No

- Is it affecting all special skills? Yes

- When are you experiencing such problems? PvP, most of time

- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? Bond, Sage, Arena

1 . I think is all about speed game .. run so fast and we dont see in real time ..exemple : slot 1 2 3 4 attack .. and later clone(wind clone ,spiders so on ) attack .. if you use skill when your clone attack .. he will cast next round because round is already over after slot 4 attack not after all clone use standart attack

2. round 2+ .. if you use instant mastery when round start he will cast by initiative .. if you use in middle round .. all mastery become non-prompt

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It happens a lot on mains, when you want to wait longer before using mystery not immediately when you can, and game doesn't allow you to do it that round even though like move 3 and move 4 standards haven't even started or even clones haven't atacked yet. Or it just transfers skill activation to other round and takes chakra from that round not previous one and it kinda screws whole battle. Sometimes even if you have enough chakra skills can not be activated that round for some unknown reason, but i noticed if i pressed auto it actives this instance doesn't occur to often but it happened dozens of times and not only during pvp, skill delays happens more often. Also during pvp sometims move3 or move4 goes before my move1 or move2 don't know if it is some sort of lag, but my connection is at best, but it happens kinda often in bonds arena.

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We are having this problem for 2-3 months now I asked the GL to put it in his report and as he said he did and he is doing it ever since....the real problem is that is destroying the either using a mystery which sometimes behaves like non prompt to a lockdown mysteries where we c*e them in the end of the round like masked the problem is that we all lag...some more some less but that includes with the fact that the chases work in 1 sec though we see them in 3-4 sec and while we are still on move 4 to be ready to do regular attack computer already done the round...and we can see that in space the guys has 4k health left and the announcment says u best the guy and moving to semi finals or whatever and the battle is not even done yet...same with sage...though yesterday all my ninjas behaved like they have non prompt mysteris and I checked I had bigger initietivr on all 4 of my ninjas then my opponent and he went ahead of me...when using dediara earth team its crucial for us to use deidara on the last sec of last round and not even auto sometimes can do that because the system locks down mysteries...all the ninjas are affected....

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  • FruitsPunch On 2018-03-06 18:35:55
  • I experienced the mystery delay with Torune in arena several times.

same with me, when i use torune in sage, matsuri, arena, plunder, it stuck. then i am relogging, and i win the battle

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Delay problem has been so much worse after 4.0 came out. Pvp if you don't queue mystery at begin, well, there prob gonna be 3 or 4 standard attacks before it goes. But what I think is really surprising is that when I do ninja exam and there is still delay. Like it's me against the computer and its not my internet problems. Using Water main experimental and the 4th mystery, and the mystery doesn't queue up until next round sometimes as 4th spot even when i spam the *on.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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- Is it affecting only specific ninjas?

- Is it affecting all special skills?

- When are you experiencing such problems?

Most of the time, it goes like this. You wait for the opponent to use up all his ninja's turn and then use a mystery to disable his last ninja(positioned in the 3rd row most of the time) so it carries out onto the next turn but what happens is that the skill don't push through and instead used immediately in round 2.

- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random?

It happens a lot in arena, swb and matsuri. It never happened to me in space time but then again I haven't fought a lot of battle there.

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Mysteries that have NS:UNS animations(Tendo, Roshi, Mei, Shisui, etc..) cause a 5 second delay. Hokage Minato also causes a big delay. This has been a problem ever since the release of Kage treasure. Why do you only act now? Why do you act as if you don't know how it is yourself? Pathetic

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when I'm using kurenai's mystery in 2nd round I can't use roshi's mystery before her attack game is stealing me 40 chakra :(

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  • Shereif On 2018-03-06 20:32:15
  • [A] - [Delay] section

    Before first chase combo in each round when you click any mystery if prompt it happens immediately, if non-prompt and you click right before the standard it happen immediately.

    After any chases you must calculate the delay time or you will fail like in the following situations:-

    [1] Clicking gaara before standard, he gets the barrier above his head, then he go standard and wait till round 2 to barrier.

    [2] Near the end of the round like sometimes before action 4 even do his action, if you click a jutsu it might not take the chakra and not take the mystery icon above head, then the next round it forces use it by taking chakra and doing it at beginning of round. thats bad because i need the 40 chakra or 60 chakra of the new round but i could have used the jutsu to spend chakra from earlier round.

    [3] With these delays doing a successful interrupt using a no-control ninjas (like Iruka, Samui,.. etc) is near impossible if the opponent just delayed his use instead of rushing. cuz we will never time it right, if you click as soon as it appears the delay will screw you over, but if you predicted it might work.

    [B] - [System Error] section

    [1] Control: thats when you click some jutsu, but the game already knows that this ninja gonna be controlled in the future so he cant use the jutsu early to save himself or do whatever before the control.

    [2] Death: If for example you have a water main or a healer that tries to use heal, if the delay reached the stage where he would have been attacked and died it wont let you heal in first place to prevent the future death by recovering HP. Instead it will say system error because game already consider the ninja dead

    [C] - [Temporary Fix] section

    If you click auto the second you want to click a jutsu instead of clicking a jutsu, there will be no delay and it will happen normally. but that cant happen if you have few mysteries available (not on cooldown) and enough chakra for all or for just 1 because it might not do what you want to do.

    But its a reliable fix if for example you have 1 jutsu only available at the time


    - Is it affecting only specific ninjas? NO, All ninjas are affected

    - Is it affecting all special skills? As mentioned above, All ninjas are affected (Special or not will NOT matter)
    - When are you experiencing such problems? Every single battle (PVP, PVE, EVENTS, LOCAL, X-SERVER,...etc)
    - Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? As mentioned above, not random and not specific. (ITS IN ALL NON-AUTO BATTLES)

    - Platform used: Browser, i cant know for sure about client since i'm using mac. But i suppose its the same

    I've adapted to it and started calculating everything to time my jutsus and increase my % of successfully doing my stuff,

    so i hope i've helped and contact me for any further questions if needed

The above is the most accurate representation of the issue as I have experienced it as well on the PC Client.

Mod/Admin, please review the above description from the point of view of Client & Browser players.

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