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[ Events ] Best Achievement!


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My best achievement was completing ultimate training and get Six Paths Sennin in Arena. Both took a lot of time to complete so I was especially happy when all of my work had payed off. Especially since I am only at 40k power while the only other Six Path Sennins on my server were in 70k

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Happy BEERthday Naruto! You are already over 18 right? Keep on inspiring others!

I keep playing Naruto Online because first and foremost, I love the anime. Second, it's because of the people that I have met and have grew up together in the game.

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happy birthday naruto i heart you

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Happy Birthday Naruto! You are a Hokage right now!

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Happy Birthday Dattebayo!

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HBD , my best ninja NARUTO the 7 hokage

im always love :*

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Players with more strength than me give me motivation to go on. Friends on Guild also. I like to talk to them about strategies, teams etc

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Happy Birthday Naruto :)

Personally what keeps me going in Naruto online is our group family and the bonds I've made with some really nice friends in this game :)

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Happy Birthday Boruto's Dad!!! I mean Naruto!

I don't really enjoy the game as much as I used to, I'm trying so hard to be the first Strong Power free player, I'm currently 3rd place with 87k power, the Strong Power has 91k. What really keeps me going is the friends I have made in this game. Ever since I became the group leader of my group since the previous leaders quit, I became more fond to my members, they always make fun of me and I just get along with it. I think we have formed a strong bond that will not be broken so easily. I have created a Discord server for my group and invited everybody to join it, so far more than half of my members are on my Discord server. We're getting to know each other a little bit more which has strengthened our bonds. No one is leaving the group like before. We've been together as a group for more than a year now.

They make me continue to play the game, and if i ever think about quitting they immediately reject that thought and stop me from thinking about it. We've gotten to know each other pretty well, sharing what college we go to and how old we are. It's kinda weird though that one of my female members likes me ;P. Since some of my members are really busy with college, 4 of them has given me their accounts so that I could take care of it while they're gone. They call me the best leader ever :D.

My best accomplishment in this game is becoming one of the best players who have never spent a penny, and on top of all that, forming a friendship which I think will last for years.

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Happy Birthday Naruto!

ALL IS WELL NARUTO wish you a world peace

guild member cuz they not give up with our dead server ^^

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Happy Birthday naruto-kun!What keeps me moving forward is the competition i have with my rivals!

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server id:102



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Happy birthday Naruto!!! Becoming a best hokage!!

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moving forward? ..i spin wheel even get anything good spend many coupons so i still keep trying hard to spin thx to the spin wheel :v

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um bom jogo a todos meus amigos.e a todos que estajam lendo.

S 772 UK chameleon Srkira

edit: please post in english as per forum rules.

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Happy Birthday my hero my number one !! \(^o^)/`

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