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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - March 22nd


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Dear Ninjas!

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check new event cycle, which will start on 03/22/18! Please, have a look below to check the new events!


Shisui Uchiha [Kotoamatsukami]

Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei]

Ay [Fourth Raikage]

1. "Crazy Slot Machine" added. Recharge Ingots to have a chance at spinning the Slot Machine! Super rare ninja and other rewards are awaiting for you!

Period: March 22nd – March 24th

How To:

a) During the event, for each time you recharge 100 Ingots in the game, you will get a spin for a chance to get a neat prize! There is no limit to how many times it can be spun daily. "Spins" obtained for this week's events need to be used in time, once the event ends, the "Spins" you didn't use will be reset to 0.

b) Every time you spin it, there is a guaranteed prize! Outstanding ninjas and other fantastic prizes can be obtained! The prizes awarded will be in accordance to your matches in the Slot Machine!

c) 1st Prize: Ay [Fourth Raikage]’s fragments *80

2nd Prize: Sasuke [Susano’o]’s fragments *30

3rd Prize: Crazy Slot 3rd Prize Pack (Charm Materials Fragment*20, Cave Key*50, Rainbow Magatama Lv.5, Attack Magatama Lv.5, Ninjutsu Magatama Lv.5.)

4th Prize: Seal Scroll*1, Level 4 Magatama Pack*1, Summoning Scroll*1

5th Prize: Level 3 Magatama Pack, Mood Scroll*1, Basic Refine Rune*3, Medium Refine Rune*2, Advanced Refine Rune*1

6th Prize: Coins*20.000, Unbound Runes Packets*2, Bond Scroll*2, Shape Shifting Card*1, Level 2 Magatama Pack *1

2. "Total Spending Rebate" added. Want to get more value for spending your Ingots? Rush to spend a required amount of Ingots to get all sorts of valuable rewards!

Period: March 22th – March 28th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

3. "Lucky Board" added. Want to try your luck? Throw your dice to know what rewards wait for you! Extra points can be used to redeem rewards in the Shop!

Period: March 22th – March 28th

How To:

a) Roll the dice to move on the Lucky Board according to the points you rolled on the dice. Players can get the corresponding rewards marked on the grids;

b) Complete Plot/Elite instances or complete Daily Mission to get free dice. You can get a maximum of 2 free dice per day. The dice c*so be bought directly in the Shop;

c) Get 5 points every time you move into a Prop Grid and 10 Points when you move into a Function Grid. After you have left the Start Grid for the first time, each time you pass the Start Grid you will get a Lucky Ninja Pack.

Note: "Dice" obtained for this week's events need to be used this week, once the event ends, the "Dice" you didn't use will be reset to 0.

4. "Lucky *" added. Want stronger ninja? Use Ingots or Coupons to draw them in the Lucky *!

Period: March 22th – March 28th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 65 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Use Ingots or Coupons to Draw and have a try!

b) Every Draw is rewarded with a prize!

Besides having a chance at drawing amazing rewards from this event, fixed rewards will also be awarded to players who draw a given amount of times, check below for more information:

Draw 50: Rainbow Magatama Lv. 5*1

Draw 100: Cave Key Gift Pack*1

Draw 200: Naruto [Nine-Tails Chakra]’s Fragment*10

Draw 300: Naruto [Nine-Tails Chakra]’s Fragment *15

Draw 500: Naruto [Nine-Tails Chakra]’s Fragment *25

5. "Konoha Gift Shop" added. More sales in Konoha! Check this event for awesome items at amazing discounts!

Period: March 22th – March 28th


Items can be obtained from shop:

Daily: Rainbow Magatama Lv.5, Rainbow Magatama Lv.4, Charm Materials Pack, Special Charm Materials Pack, Monut Myoboku’s Gift, Special Seals Pack, Fortune Bag

Fortune Bag: Fixed Drops-Seal Scroll*5, Summoning Scroll*5, Treasured Tools Rare Essence*1, Mount Myoboku’s Gift*10;

Randomly Drops-Rainbow Magatama Lv.5*1, Treasured Tools Common Essence*1, Coupons*50, Guy’s Tortoise Fragment*1, Coins*50000, Sasuke [*]’s Fragment*30, Sakura [Sailor Uniform]’s Fragment*30, Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki]’s Fragment*30, Purification Rune*3, Cave Key*3, Mount Myoboku’s Gift*3.

Limited offers: Haku [Edo Tensei]’s fragment(s), Nagato [Edo Tensei]’s fragment(s), Hashirama Senju: Wood Style Great Tree Breaker, Hashirama Senju: Wood Style Great Tree Breaker II, Hashirama Senju: Ninja God, Tobirama Senju: Taijutsu Attack, Tobirama Senju: Genjutsu Infinite Darkness Jutsu, Deluxe Charm Materials Pack; Magatama(s) Lv.5

6. "Group Purchase" added. The more the Cross-Server Daily Purchases of each pack, the more the packs and rewards you can claim! Go and check the Group Purchase packs now!

Period: March 22th – March 28th

Requirements: Players must have reached Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, players can buy packs in the Group Purchase event. This is a Cross-Server event; the total number of purchases will take into account the total purchases of every server.

b) Each player can only buy each pack once a day during the event. The total number of Daily Purchases will be reset daily;

c) The more the Cross-Server Daily Purchases of each pack, the more the rebates for each pack will be!

d) If the rewards were not claimed on time for a given day of the event, the rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

e) Lukcy Key Pack

Fixed drops: Cave Key*10

Randomly Drops: Coupons*10, Seal Scroll*1, Cave Key*1

Special Seals Pack

Fixed Drops:Seal Scroll*5

Randomly Drops:

- Kirin*1

- Lee[Eight Inner Gates]’s fragments*5

- Shikaku Nara’s fragments*5

- Ino [Great Ninja War]’s fragments*5

- Neji [Great Ninja War]’s fragments*5

- Tenten [Cheongsam]’s fragments*5

- Kakashi [Beheading Sword]’s fragments*5

Charm Materials Optional Pack

Select one of the following rewards:

Headband Charm*50

Weapons Charm *50

Armor Charm *50

Scroll Charm *50

Accessories Charm *50

7. "Limited-Time Recruitment" added. An event which is a rebate for Seal Scrolls usage! Use Seal Scrolls to claim more Seal Scrolls!

Period: March 22th – March 28th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 20 in order to participate.

How To:

a) “Seal Scroll (Lasts 7 Days)” will be given usage priority in the Recruit interface;

b) Usage of “Seal Scroll (Lasts 7 Days)” will not be counted for the event;

c) Use “Seal Scroll (Lasts 7 Days)” during the 7 days after being obtained or they will expire;

d) Each Gift Pack can only be claimed once during the event;

e) Servers which are less than 15 days old will not have this event present in their server.

8. "Mystery Fruits" added. Plant fruits during the event and get valuable rewards when they are ripe! Patience is the best fertilizer! Claim it on time!

Event Period: March 22th – March 28th

Requirements: Players must have reached Level 11 in order to participate

How To:

a) Players can buy 3 kinds of fruits from 3/22nd to 3/24th 23:59:59. After successfully buying the fruits, the fruits will appear in their trees, fruits need 3 days to fully grow!

b) Fruits can only be bought until 3/24th 23:59:59, after this time, fruits cannot be bought. Fruits will ripe between 3/26th 05:00 and 3/28 23:59:59

c) ALL FRUITS MUST BE CLAIMED BEFORE 3/28 23:59:59 (computer’s time). Non-claimed Mystery Fruits will not be automatically sent to the mailbox by the system.

9. "Activity Lucky Bag" added. Complete missions to receive rewards, awesome new items are awaiting!

Period: March 22th – March 28th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 6 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Click “View Details” in the right bottom of the interface to check the missions.

b) Complete the required amount of missions to get activity points. Lucky bags can be opened with ac*ulative amounts of the points. You can open 25 bags per day in total, which will randomly drop these items: Coins, Refine Rune, Cultivation Rune, Magatama, Seal Scroll, Stamina potion etc.

10. New packs and items are available in the "Purchase-Limit" Shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance!


Available items and packs: Monthly Gift Box, Mood Scroll Pack, Copper Experience Pig, Super Kage Scroll, Hebihime[Amber].

11. Last, but not least, "Dice" and “Spin” obtained for this week's event cycle are valid only for this week. Once the events end, the "Dice" and " Spin" you didn't use will reset to 0. Remember to use them in time!

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!

All information present in the game is the final and correct information.

Naruto Online Operation Team

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second LOL

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3rd lol

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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nice, hope shisui on lucky *

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  • Kaneki77 On 2018-03-21 22:00:29
  • First

Lucky bag and lucky board are good FTP events. I'm glad that we're coasting tight now, because I know that we'll be getting something big soon! A stale week isn't always a bad thing you know. I've been here for 2 years, most of us have. We're in it for the long haul, so we're not really worried about rushing ninjas and new events. If I can keep ac*ulating Edo Deidara every week, that would be the best thing for me at least.

Good events. Thank you.

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I can't wait to be disappointed again.

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no new feature again ://///

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Hmm, not sure what to think.

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The events are almost as * as the developers. It's not something deserving of praise, but it's negative improvement, right?

Stop copy pasting events, it's becoming unrealistically pathetic after 5+ months

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So itself events. Almost everything for donators

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I hope Shisui is in lucky board!

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Same old, same old....

The lucky accounts who always win in RNG events will get Shisuis, Tobiramas, or whoever is in that Lucky *, while the rest of us will simply wait for something new.

Also...New Shops? Come on...we are waiting for them since forever.

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