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[ Lineup ] Tobirama Senju ( Edo Tensei ) Lineups


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Hello guys, today gonna introduce you some nice team ups with our Newest OP ninja Tobirama Senju ( Edo Tensei ). Let's hit it up !

2018-03-08 20_35_25-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-03-08 20_35_48-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Burst Tag team with Earth.

This team with double attack from earth main will hurt by a lot. Tobirama is supporting offensive and Iruka buffing all of them plus shielding them. Jonin Minato will go deep in, every round (if you can make him combo as much as you can, you can make his combo runes higher for that purpose). Solid team and fun to play with.

2018-03-08 20_43_58-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

2018-03-08 20_44_10-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Fancy team, with an old timer Hanzo. We forgot about him, but here he can help good enough with supporting everyone plus the chases. Tobirama with Hokage Minato will cause some havoc and fire main at the back supporting with ignition and shields for immunity !

2018-03-08 20_47_22-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

2018-03-08 20_47_30-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

This team gonna hurt totally. Kurama every round with the 30 chase of Tobirama. Shisui will tag them up and LM's passive will give them a good boost and lifesteal to survive, plus the sword immunity ! You c*so try with Roshi instead of Shisui, mega chase bombs !

2018-03-08 20_39_28-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

2018-03-08 20_39_35-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Hello, 30 chases ! Loads of chases with this lineup and you are playing dirty with water main's passive of neurotoxin. Really fun team to play with and every f2p player can try that! Poison incoming from everything !

2018-03-08 20_45_16-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

2018-03-08 20_45_39-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Blondie team will give you a nice amount of dmg+ immobile and heavy interruption. Here we buff the back lines as we dont really need an extra buff for Minato, he will buff himself good enough. Heavy dmg tag team Plus a lot of clones and refresh of the mysteries!

These were some lineups i did for the newest ninja Tobirama Senju Edo tensei , hope you c*e something of that !! Until the next time , cya and good luck !!

Ps: You can replace King of hell summon with either the guy's turtle summon or crustacean !

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Edo Tobirama might work well with Jinpachi and Edo Sasori. Since it'll help buff him.

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I made a video showing off a couple of teams (not on this list).

Here's the link if anyone wants to see: :)

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1 fragment to rec tobirama edo tensei


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I preferred

Hanzo - x - Roshi

Water - Edo 2nd - x

Ghost Page

Skill 32422

Summon KOH,

At least you can actually 100% cc someone.

A little support from Hanzo. Otherwise people would just focus on your water main.

As long as Hanzo can trigger his hit you would definitely get up to 30 hits, or even Edo 2nd himself.

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i got tobirama in lucky * today.

what if i replace roshi to mei? is it good?

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I don't have Hogake Minato but i have Jonin minato, can i make team with Jonin minato and Tobirama? Exept this one with earth main

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