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[ Lineup ] Iruka Team Set-up


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Hey guys Im trying to figure out a good iruka team with midnight blade. I play on server 3 Name NovaAchnologia. I have a good array of teams but i want someone's input on any good ideas or something if possible. Tried to print screen my char's on the screen but its too big to fit into this
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MB, iruka, sasuke, oro sannin, root warrior with serpend/white snake as summon
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You could also try MB, Iruka, Sasuke and Hinata. 3rd std atk (assasination blade) with 2nd chase (chidori spear) with Serpent gold summon (8-9 combo with White Snake purple).
Averages 8-10 combo from std atks. Sasuke's mystery and MB's 2nd mystery can initiate a 10 combo with acupuncture, paralyse and ignition.
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