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[ Player Guide ] Shikamaru [Make-out Paradise] Lineup with Kazekage Ninjas


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Shikamaru is a ninja which can be obtained in this week’s event. It’s the first time players can obtain it and try to fit it into your Lineup. This is an example of how to put Shikamaru with Breeze Dancer, it is also a Lineup which uses the recent obtainable Gaara and Temari, all put together these ninjas can make a nice damage output and be very effective in battle.

Generally speaking, let’s start from once Round 2 ends. Temari’s Mystery skill will cause damage to the entire opponent’s units, Shikamaru will then Chase and Attack one unit, release his Mystery skill and Gaara will launch his Mystery skill too! These 3 make a huge combination to cause damage to the opponent’s units. Do not forget that Breeze Dancer will reset all of your team’s Cooling Time for Mystery skills and will cancel all Debuffs. If the opponent wasn’t defeated yet, continue attacking using Standard attack. Nonetheless, your Breeze Dancer still has her Mystery skill, you just need to create another explosive Combo next turn! This is the perfect situation, but the situation you face in battle might not occur like the described situation. No matter which Chase skill you use with Breeze Dancer, no matter which Summon you use in battle, remember, after Temari ’s Mystery skill and Shikamaru will promptly use his Chase skill! After all, they ended up as husband and wife!
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Sanamabits how much did u spend to get him :/
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You don't actually spend to get him. You get shurikens from daily missions and spend them instead
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yes but the problem is he cost alot of points
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Eyy Sup Bois ! :$
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What skill that Breeze Dancer use in this formation?
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