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[ Lineup ] Sage Naruto in Bottom Front Lineup?


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I've been noticing on my server alot of people put Sage Naruto slot 1 at the bottom front of their lineup. Is there any particuluar reason for this? I do not place my Naruto that way as I am afraid of fighting another Sage Naruto like that and getting hit by standard attacks. If you know of the answer to this or would like to critique my lineup it would be much appreciated.


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I'm guessing those people want to use the clone to guard another ninja. Ninjas at the bottom usually dont get hit as often as the ones in the middle and top rows, so they're probably betting on the chance that their opponent doesn't have any ninjas in the bottom row.
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That spot mostly works well for Iruka strats. They use sage naruto/Main clone and have iruka shield them. thus theres more or less 6 players there
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this its my sage naruto lineup with mc lighning
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If i may ask, what is your talents and summon sir ?
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