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Just hit 80 and I'm planning to switch from Crimson Fist to Breeze Dancer. Now I just need a team for Ninetails and I need some help with creating it.
So here are my nins:
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As a Breeze Dancer, I've only tried 2 different approaches to Nine Tails : Boosting Wind Elemental Damage and using female 10 hit chase units in conjunction with Queen's Momentum. I've also have not pulled a Sage Naruto, so I can't say how good it is in Nine Tails since I have no experience with it.

Method 1 : Boosting Wind Damage
Gaara, Baki, and 3* Temari/Sage Naruto (I swapped Temari out for Wind Blades Asuma)

Gaara should be in Move 1 so that all units can get the buff Round 1. Don't use his attack in the barrier until the clones have started attacking. Make sure to retreat after the fox bombs you.

Skillset : 11331 with Tonton Summon

Method 2 : 10 hit chase with Queen's Momentum
GNW Tenten(preferred)/Regular Tenten, Karin, and 3* Temari (if you get Wind Blades, you can replace Temari and if you get Animal Path you can replace Karin)

The above is my current lineup for Nine Tails : GNW Tenten, Animal Path and Wind Blades. It can be run fully auto'ed and you only have to retreat after the bomb.

Skillset : 11312 with Tonton Summon.
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