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[ Breeze Dancer ] Ninetails Invastion Team [Help]


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Just hit 80 and I'm planning to switch from Crimson Fist to Breeze Dancer. Now I just need a team for Ninetails and I need some help with creating it.
So here are my nins:

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Breeze dancer lineup is easier than other mains, cause you don't have many choice here:

Gaara, sage naruto, Baki.Main skill: 2-3-3-2-3 With tonton summon. (*note*- Giant rasengan-Gale fan-10hit -Wind dance/wind enhancement-harm justsu)
Gaara should be in order 1.
I'm not sure if baki's *ysis passive works on kurama or not. If it does, put him in orde 2, otherwise any position is fine.

Rounds should go like this:
Round 1: Gaara , Baki
Round 2: Naruto
Round 3: Main
Round 4: Gaara, naruto, main

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