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[ Bugs ] Anko is back with her bugs


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Server ID: S1 Naruto NY
Character name: Zeon
My UID: 200000080967479

Bug #1 As shown in the picture there are 2 answers that are exactly the same

Bug #2 Null?? i tried clicking submit but it didnt work and i couldn't answer the question, i had to close the ninja test and talk to anko again to keep going, also this is the second time i get this bug.
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we are aware of all problems with Ninja test and we are currently investigating it. We will fix this problem as soon as possible (most like with next update).
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Got the except same question and bug today. Besides several other major bad translations. Devs need to step up and fix the translation and bugs with Anko. It's near impossible to get 10 correct answers because of the google translate translation.
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