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[ Lineup ] Thought I should share: High-Level Water Main Lineup!!


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So, I was recently featured in a Youtube video and I'm like "BWUUUUUUH?!" Video is here.

Doktor Dinara, Server 10, of Iaijutsu Strikers! There was some question about the lineup, but there you can see it.

Main - GNW Kankuro - Sage Naruto
**x - Ningendo - Naruto Clone
**x - ***x - Sasori Puppet

Talents are 32322 - both heals, chakra blade, neurotoxin, poison tai, along with Dog of Hell. So, here's how it works: because the puppet is in the front row, it has Guarding. Essentially, this means it draws attacks like Hinata does. This is so that you can survive the 1st round, and you may lose the puppet, but that's fine. If it survives, it's good for some ignition, but if not, his job was done.

Round 2! Use that Sage Naruto and use him proud, with that big Mystery of his, and if you need to, Ningendo's mystery is purely strategic and used for an interrupt. Plus, you have a heal when you need it. Round 3 is when you renew that puppet. Good news is, you won't need him: between Naruto's Mystery initiating the combo and causing Immobile, and his autoattack shooting someone up for extra combo and Immobile, as well as Ningendo's Chaos, you could manage to make three out of four of the enemy's ninjas not move at all. Heck, even his autoattack first round initiates the Immobile combo. Even Sasori sometimes gets some extra combo! It's a solid team all around, and very hard to punch a hole into, making it a great all-around team.

FAQ: "But Dok, why do you have Naruto all the way out front?" Honestly? Because of the order of operations. I need to have him first, and Kankuro second. If I ran this:

Ningendo - Naruto - Clone
Main - Kankuro - Sasori
*x - *** - ***

Then what would happen is that Sasori goes down, and Kankuro is vulnerable. Sure, the clone protects Naruto, but I'd rather have the clone protecting a squishy guy like Ningendo. Naruto can take a beating and a half, especially with the right refinement, magatama, and Eight Gates runes.'ll have to do anyway because these days, whomever gets their Naruto out first and using his Mystery, wins. This is the competition now.

Thoughts, comments, and questions below!

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Unfortunately, I don't have Sage Naruto. Any other potential replacements?
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Do you find that this team works in pvp against your level and above? I only ever swap to water main for Strong Approaching. Other than that I can't really get Sage Naruto to fit as water. I am approaching level 80, and as one of the top 20 powers in my server I have yet to see a solid water main lineup aside from the heavy spenders with full pain teams or hashirama
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you don't have to be a heavy spender to have a solid water main lineup. In fact, out of all the mains, I actually like water main thr best. She might not be that good with combos or attacking but she's good for support for when.your ninjas actually atttack and do combos.
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