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Dear Ninjas! We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be available on 11/10/16 and we ask that all of you have a look on it. We have received feedback from our ninjas and we decided to use it to create a better gaming experience for all of you, this way, from today onwards, there will be events with more attractive prizes and collectibles! Your opinions are what give us strength to improve. We are working hard to bring you all a Naruto Online you desire and enjoy playing! 1. A new function "Eight Inner Gates" was added! Ninjas now can practice with Lee and Guy to earn Chakra Runes daily. Practice hard like them, power up yourself with the Chakra Runes and become an amazing Ninja!Event Period: Permanent after Nov 10th’s maintenanceRequirements: Players must have reached Level 65 in order to participate. 2. The "Lucky Stars Wheel" event was added. You c*e your Lucky Stars during the event and get powerful ninjas, as well as numerous tools and items!
Event Period: Nov 10th – Nov 16thRequirements: Players must have reached Level 30 in order to participate.
a) Spin the wheel once, to obtain a random reward. Every ninja will have one free chance to spin the wheel daily. You c*so spend Ingots/Coupons to spin it. Mysterious Strong Ninja await you! Daily limit: 150 times.b) Use the Lucky Stars obtained to redeem and exchange for amazing rewards. The “reward records” can be seen by clicking the *on on the bottom-right of the page. 3. "Limited Packs" event added. New packs with attractive discounts will be updated every day. Are you ready to get them all?!Event Period:Nov 10th – Nov 16th Details:a) During the event, Players can spin the wheel once for free every 24 hours. Each spin is sure to give a reward from the wheel!b) Players c*so buy Lucky Vouchers in the Shop to get more rewards. Lucky Vouchers can only be bought with Ingots. Mysterious Strong Ninjas await you! Daily limit: 100 times. (Free draws will not be ac*ulated.) 8. The following are the bugs which were fixed this week.a) When trying to join a Team which already has 3 members, the message "This team is full and can take more members" has now been corrected.b) In the Mood system, when you checked how many Meat * or Mood Scrolls you still had left, it would say "Remainder", it has now been corrected. 9. Last, but not least, we are glad to inform that Server Merging will start in two weeks from now if everything goes as planned. Notice: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are depending on players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Don't miss out! Naruto Online Operation Team

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WAHOOO, let me read this now lol
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Eight Inner Gates is an awesome feature :D
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I love the screenshot on the lucky star event of 80 frags of Gakido lol thats awesome
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Ahh, I've seen this eight gates feature on a previous naruto mmorpg. It's a good feature. Will be fun to use it :)
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I really wonder what the mysterious strong ninja is... bc in the photo is gakido... and now I want to know what ninjas can be bought from the event? bc it looks like there is a limit on how many of the event items you can buy this time around and its all based on chance...
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why hide ninjas
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thank you this looks promising probably gonna be costly coin wise good thing i dont spend alot of coins
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why you gotta hide those ninjas for :P
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Rip coins.
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Someone who can take screenshots of the ninjas? :(
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That'z called Chakura System I unlocked when I hit 65 on Taiwanese long with 4th Talent
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thanks for the update AzunaChan :)
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77 million coins I am good.
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i have a feeling it might be ingots not coins.
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Thank you ! :handshake
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RIP Group Donations ;P
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Not bad, but got us hyped for this.. Don't do justice to the hype.
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  • On 2016-11-10 12:24:05
  • Not bad, but got us hyped for this.. Don't do justice to the hype.
The hype is actually warranted. Getting the charkra system is a big deal.
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and now we wait :lol
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