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is it just me or like when your using a specfic summon and do a summon draw you get that orange summon with same exact chase

i mean like i been using bull and got rhino then when i changed to white snake i got serpent.... now i been using kamatari and just got demon fox...
thats just way too much of a coincidence :lol
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  • does the summon treasure work like other seal summons? like 60 for a golden summon or something like that?
its like that for me: 60 pulls and got the gold summon cat, still counting for my next batch of 60 (23 at the moment, no gold summon yet)
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does the summon treasure work like other seal summons? like 60 for a golden summon or something like that?
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The first gold summon I've ever pulled is rhino. I didn't start using it a month later at which point I got lucky and got sage naruto, as a wind main, that's two RK chase, so the rhino KR works well. But before that, it wasn't what I was using at all.
The second gold summon I've got is the snake, I have never used that outside of arena to complete certain missions.
So no, it's a matter of luck. (that said, rhino is THE one I need sever since I've pulled sage naruto, so it's very nice)
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Guess you're just lucky. :P
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how can i get dog of hell xD? i realllly want him for my combo :(
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its not true i been using only tonton white snake and blue snake and never got the serphant summon yet i got dog of hell rhino and eight span bird
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I think is just coincidence. Today i pull tsunade slug, and i wasnt using her mini-version. When i had snake i pull king monkey, and when i have the weasel equipped at that moment i pull the cat with money. I think that you are just lucky, very lucky in matter of fact.
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if that is true, its actually nice.

but i dont belive it to be true because i never used ninja dog shiba, and my first orange was dog of hell
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