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[ Player Guide ] Help me make the best of what I've got [Midnight Blade]


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This is what i'm going for right now. The max combo is 26-7 (with tonton) hits and i'm 4 fragments away from getting 3 star Sasuke to replace Kakashi. The question that keeps bothering me is this the overall best line up i could pair up with an MB or are there better ones (with the ninjas i currently own). I used to swap karin for Sai/Kabuto but i feel like Karin is just better because of the poison and 2 Chase.

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After doing some research on my server, I found a good combination that might work well with the ninjas you have. It has a 7 combo, but it is very weak on defense.
Here are some pictures.

You can change the formation, but I hope you get the idea.

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Nope, there aren't, Hinata/Sasuke/Karin is the go to lightning team until you can farm few purple pets to link better ones, then you can do something like Hinata/Kakashi/Kabuto or Kimimaro/Sasuke/Jugo until you start getting more ninjas.
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So I just replaced Kakashi with 3 star Sasuke and got "White Snake" as my pet and I combo for 30+ hits every time. Please do note that if your enemy has control abilities like Neji and Gai's mystery you should be careful when you use Kirin. Also when you do use it don't pop it right away because the dmg steroid is pretty good for your team. Here's a screenshot of what i've got right now.
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thats soo bad ;P
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