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[ Strategy Share ] Mystery Fruits?


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Is the price of 699 worth it for for planetary catastrophic devastation?
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what are the planetary catastrophic devastation and the copper experience pig? what do they give? for the pig, how many xp?
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One is gourd, one fills gourd with XP.
Don't have them, waiting to see if worth it.
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In last events pig gave 60 exp.
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This week's ninja tool will go to the 'Gourd' section. We already have a purple 'Gourd of aburame' , a common drop from lvl 70 instance.
Here's the one I'm using now:

The additional stats will be random. As for the fixed stats, you can see: Purple gourd gives +7 Nin/+6 Resist buff per level. This growth will be a bit higher for the gold one and it can be upgraded to lvl 18, so it will have better stats at the end.
But, we already have a ninja tool for gourd section. Buying up a new one over an existing one, won't give too much difference in power. Currently we are missing Book, Blade and scroll(unlocks at lvl 80). We just had a limited pack with blade. If it were any of the other two missing items, could have been a good purchase.

All in all, it depends on you. If you don't mind spending, go fot it. If you are a mostly f2p or low playing player, I'd suggest to skip it.
As for me, I wont buy this one.
*note* - Buying this with ingots, is not worth it. We got blade a few days ago in limited pack, a red tool we dont have yet for 699 ingots. Now, we get a gold tool, a type we already have, for same price. So, its definitely not worth to buy with ingots.
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I'm a f2p player. I'm just curious what are those. Somewhat interested in the pig, but i dont know if its worth it. I guess I'll still keep my coupons then and pile them up.
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